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Jenny Craig BMI Scale – Body WeighT

It’s often difficult for people to self-assess health and weight issues. Self-perception is slanted, magnifying positive traits and dismissing unpalatable information that doesn’t conform to our ideals, or vice versa. It’s important to understand we are all individuals with strengths and weaknesses, and health is measured in reasonably broad ranges rather than precise measurements. In addition, there are variables that result in people of various sizes and shapes attaining similar levels of fitness and health. The Jenny Craig BMI Scale is one way to measure personal health without the need to compare yourself to others.

The bathroom scales tell only part of the story. Body mass index (BMI) measures both weight and height using a simple mathematical formula that provides your personal score. The Jenny Craig BMI Calculator is just one of our many resources available to inspire and guide your weight loss journey, and with the assistance of you own personal Jenny Craig Consultant, you are well on the way to successful weight loss outcomes. With the addition of delicious portion and calorie controlled meals, dieting becomes a satisfying education in taking weight off and keeping it off for good.

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How can you determine how much you should weigh?

It can come as a shock to meet someone who seems overweight and out of shape, only to discover their weight is comparable to your own. That’s one reason height is also considered in the equation. Anyone who has watched or competed in sports will realise that both shorter and taller people can succeed in many events such as middle-distance running, football and tennis. The real equalizer is optimum BMI levels that eliminate excess body fat and encourage healthy muscle. Most of us aren’t athletes, but almost everyone can attain a healthy BMI needed for maximising energy levels and quality of life.

The BMI scale provides handy categorisation suitable for both men and women. Simply by inputting your weight and height into the Jenny Craig BMI Calculator, your status is revealed, providing accurate weight loss guidance moving forward. Your personal BMI score will fall into one of several categories.

  • 18.4 or less (underweight)
  • 18.5 – 24.9 (healthy weight)
  • 25.0 – 29.9 (overweight)
  • 30.0 or more (obese)

BMI is a guideline measure rather than a precision tool, and there are some people whose weight status won’t be accurately reflected. These include pregnant women, the elderly, children, heavy-boned people, muscular people and some ethnicities.

What foods can reduce your body weight?

It may seem a shallow objective to some, but there is no doubting that achieving an attractive physical appearance is emphasised more than ever these days. Interpersonal relationships are emphasised by the flood of online selfies and videos of the ‘beautiful people’ enjoying opulent lifestyles, and the appeal is obvious to those who want to emulate their idols. At Jenny Craig, we have slightly different objectives, where physical transformation is matched by emotional and cognitive improvements for overall appreciation and zest for life. Nutritionally enriched meals are the key to vitality and a positive transformation for both internal and external wellbeing, and when meals are prepared by talented chefs under the guidance of highly qualified nutritionists and dieticians, the results are truly transformative.

Your Jenny Craig portion and calorie controlled meal plan is designed specifically for you by taking BMI, age, physical status, overall health and more into consideration. We use only the highest-quality ingredients including a range of ‘superfoods’ known to assist in weight loss. We don’t believe in dramatic, overnight dieting that only results in a ‘bounce-back’ to obesity, and instead offer systematic, successful weight loss that reaps long-term rewards. In fact, at Jenny Craig you can enjoy up to five tasty meals per day and still lose weight without suffering irritability or unwanted hunger cravings. Plus, your Jenny Craig experience can be confidential, as discussed in our privacy policy.

Your Jenny Craig portion and calorie controlled meal plan is designed specifically for you by taking BMI, age, physical status, overall health and more into consideration. We use only the highest-quality ingredients including a range of ‘superfoods’ known to assist in weight loss.

What exercises can reduce your body weight?

There are several factors involved in a successful weight loss program. Commitment to a suitable diet is essential, along with the support of loved ones, guidance from experts, and an exercise routine that can be incrementally increased as fitness levels improve. At Jenny Craig, we provide wide-ranging resources for inspiration, a tailored eating program, and the able assistance of your personal Consultant who will oversee a suitable exercise program designed just for you.

The combination of dieting and exercise is ideal for weight loss, helping to eliminate fat and replace it with toned muscle. Even obese people can commence an exercise program while seated in their favourite chair, using simple arm and leg-lifts for example. The benefits of exercise parallel those of weight loss, and you will be surprised just how quickly energy levels return and time spent in the comfy chair is replaced with invigorating outdoor activities, or even a sprightly jog around the local park. The Jenny Craig BMI scale can be the catalyst you need for transformation toward holistic lifestyle choices that benefit you and your entire family.


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