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Can eating the right foods improve your BMI?

The Australian dietary guidelines recommend that you eat a wide variety of foods from the five food groups every day.

The five food groups:

  1. Grains - whole grain and high fibre

  2. Dairy - milk, cheese, yoghurt

  3. Fruit

  4. Vegetables

  5. Lean meats, poultry, fish, nuts, eggs, tofu, seeds and beans.

The science behind weight loss is simple. If we eat the right foods, in the right amounts, our bodies will be healthy and any excess body fat will be used by our body as it creates energy. The more you replace your unhealthy eating habits with healthier food options, the more your BMI will improve.

It’s not always easy to choose the right foods for yourself. Some foods we buy at the supermarket are packed full of hidden sugars that don’t help us to maintain a healthy BMI. That’s why Jenny Craig Consultants tailor a weight loss meal plan for you that is healthy, nutritious and delicious.

It’s also important that you monitor your food portions. Often, you think you’re eating well but you are really eating too much. That’s why having a Consultant organise a meal plan for you that is portion controlled makes dieting more manageable.


^Individual results may vary. (Discover Amanda's Success Story here)

What foods should you avoid if you are trying to lose weight?

To lose weight it is important to avoid overly processed foods and foods which contain a lot of sugar. Jenny Craig makes this so easy for you. Our meals are packed full of nutritious food that will help you to feel good.

Avoiding alcohol is also very important when you are dieting and trying to lose weight. Drinking alcohol means you are putting calories into your body that provide you with absolutely no nutrition. Alcohol also affects your inhibitions, make it more likely that you will ‘slip’ back into old habits.

There are a range of foods that fit into the category of discretionary food groups. You might know them as ‘sometimes’ foods. Foods like ice cream, sweet biscuits, cakes, energy drinks, potato chips, pies and pastries taste great but have high levels of kilojoules, saturated fat, added sugars, added salt. These foods are known to increase your risk of obesity and chronic disease such as heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes.

The science behind weight loss is simple. If we eat the right foods, in the right amounts, our bodies will be healthy and any excess body fat will be used by our body as it creates energy.

How much food should you eat to lose weight?

At Jenny Craig we advocate that, in order to lose weight, you should limit your calorie intake to 1200 calories per day, depending on your body and your personal needs. Our Consultants can structure a weight loss meal plan that is designed specifically for you and to meet your needs. Jenny Craig makes it easier by providing over 65 pre-packaged meals to create a varied diet that is simple to execute. When you first start to diet, choosing the right foods and knowing how they work together is difficult so it’s great to know that this has all been thought of for you. When your meals are delivered, all you have to do is eat and enjoy.

After you have achieved your goal weight and are comfortably maintaining a BMI in a healthy weight range, you can increase your calorie intake to 1500 per day.

Don’t forget that exercise is as important as the food you consume. Every healthy diet can be supplemented and supported by an exercise program that suits you.


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What foods can help me lose weight quickly?

To lose weight quickly, you must eat a balanced diet with a variety of foods from the five food groups. Weight loss is a gradual process. Extreme dieting has been proven, time and time again, to be ineffective at keeping weight off for the long term. It’s easy to cut foods out of your diet for a short while in order to achieve physical results, but, before long, the reaction to denying yourself food will be to eat. Jenny Craig Consultants create a weight loss meal plan for a healthy lifestyle that you can implement for the rest of your life.

Whole grain foods should be eaten in place of more processed carbohydrates. Some examples of whole grain foods are brown rice, wholemeal pasta, and wholemeal bread. For breakfast, try quinoa porridge, fresh fruit and yoghurt. Lunch might be a combination of lean meats, nuts, salad vegetables and dairy products. When snacking during the day, try fresh fruit or carrot sticks. For dinner, eat a portion controlled serve of protein (fish, tofu, lean meat) and steamed vegetables.

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