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Jenny Craig BMI Calculator – Women / Eating

Women who want a clearer indication of their weight status need to look at additional information. One metric that is encouraged is BMI, courtesy of the Jenny Craig BMI Calculator. BMI, or body mass index, takes both weight and height into consideration, offering greater insight into body composition including fatty tissue in relation to muscles and organs. Your no-obligation Jenny Craig consultation includes BMI status along with other indicators to assist with a tailored weight loss meals program just for you.


^Individual results may vary. (Discover Mel B's Success Story here)

Can eating well improve your BMI?

Overeating is the major source of weight gain for most women. Other considerations include illnesses and ailments that restrict assimilation of food, along with a lack of exercise and unhealthy lifestyle choices. There are no shortage of food programs and dietary advice online and on TV, and we are fortunate in Australia and New Zealand to have access to quality foodstuffs and ingredients. However, example is better than precept, and losing weight takes commitment and dedication as well as inspiration. At Jenny Craig you have the lot.

Eating well is about more than just eating good food. Your Jenny Craig Consultant will tailor your meal plan based on BMI along with other considerations including your age, health, ethnicity, bone structure and physical status. It’s also worth noting that BMI is a reliable indicator for most women, although exceptions include pregnant women, muscular bodybuilders and heavy-boned women. For these reasons and more your Jenny Craig assistance includes the input of highly-qualified dieticians, nutritionists and professional chefs dedicated to your weight loss program. At Jenny Craig you are guaranteed to eat healthy meals enriched with nutrients that satisfy appetite, provide energy and improve focus.

What should you be eating to reduce your BMI?

While it’s true that BMI can be reduced by fasting and fad diets, your health may suffer as a consequence. In addition, radical dieting will deplete energy reserves, leaving you feeling uninspired. It’s no wonder most women fall off the weight loss wagon when fighting unwanted food cravings, negative emotions and a lack of energy. Jenny Craig meals, on the other hand, are designed by celebrity chefs and prepared by professionals. Here are just a few of our more than 65 menu item selections for weight loss inspiration.

Breakfast: Date & Maple Porridge; Café-style Banana Bread; Egg & Bacon Muffin; Cocoa Clusters; Wholemeal Pancakes.

Lunch: Ham & Cheese Toastie; Beef Pie; Creamy Vegetable Soup; Vegetable Lasagne.

Dinner: Vegetable Moussaka; Crumbed Fish & Wedges; Roast Chicken & Vegetables; Chilli Con Carne; Asian-style Vegetable Fried Rice.

Snacks: Sticky Date Pudding; Butterscotch Sundae; Choc Mousse; Apple Crumble; Cheesy Popcorn; Cinnamon Cookie.

Your Jenny Craig Consultant will tailor your meal plan based on BMI along with other considerations including your age, health, ethnicity, bone structure and physical status.

What foods should you avoid when reducing your BMI?

At Jenny Craig, we are weight loss experts, not food fanatics. We even make allowance for you to have an occasional outing at your favourite restaurant, or to celebrate special occasions. Reducing your BMI comes naturally when following your tailored Jenny Craig weight loss program. You can enjoy all your favourite foodstuffs, perfectly portioned for steady weight loss and BMI reduction.

Your Jenny Craig Consultant will oversee your progress, educate you regarding the principles of mindful eating, assist you in overcoming obstacles, establish a complementary exercise program, and even help you transition from assisted weight loss to self-reliant home cooking once your Jenny Craig program is complete. We reintroduce you to a healthy relationship with all your favourite foods, and with so many delicious menu items on offer there is every chance your entire family will want to experience the same results.


(Enjoy the Macaroni and Cheese from the Jenny Craig menu, pictured above. See the full menu here)

Can you lower your BMI without changing what you eat?

Steady, incremental weight loss involves eating the right amount of energising and sustaining food. Every Jenny Craig customer is treated as an individual, with meals prepared just for you by our professional chefs. We substitute fattening, unhealthy ingredients with healthy alternatives without sacrificing taste and satisfaction. Your Jenny Craig weight loss journey will become an inspiring culinary adventure, arming you with the knowledge and skills required to keep weight off for the long haul.

When you join Jenny Craig, time is saved by enjoying personalised ready-made meals that reduce hunger cravings and replenish your body, ultimately resulting in a slimmer, healthier version of yourself, where glowing skin and a positive mindset are natural consequences. We do all the hard weight loss work for you, allowing you to enjoy delicious meals in the comfort of your own home and enjoying the satisfying results of seeing your BMI targets reached every time you step on the scales.

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