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Jenny Craig BMI Calculator – Women / Exercise

Unbeknown to most women, weight loss isn’t about struggling day-by-day while eating sparrow-sized meals. Although carrying excess weight can be unhealthy and even lead to serious ailments, detrimental results are also experienced in severe dieting. A woman’s body is complex, and appropriate weight loss should strengthen and invigorate, both outside and inside. The Jenny Craig BMI Calculator will provide a reliable weight loss guideline, and when coupled with calorie controlled meals and suitable exercise, you will lose weight and also tone muscles for superior results.

Discover the importance of exercise in the Jenny Craig journey.

Can exercising lower your BMI?

Exercising is a natural adjunct to dieting. After all, the majority of women put on weight through inappropriate eating habits and sedentary lifestyles where exercise isn’t prioritised. The Jenny Craig approach reverses this trend by encouraging sensible eating and exercise habits that assist with a smooth transition from fatty to fabulous. Our meal plans aren’t the radical approach that result in irritability, hunger pangs and loss of energy. On the contrary, Jenny Craig is enlivening, enlightening and inspiring, focusing on both body and mind to help you achieve weight loss targets.

At Jenny Craig, we encourage suitable exercises for women and men of all shapes and sizes. Even those who are obese and chair-bound can progress with suitable exercises such as basic arm and leg lifts performed while sitting down. In no time at all you will feel strength and determination return, and a jog around the park isn’t as far away as you might presently imagine. Our meal plans and exercise programs are overseen by your own personal Jenny Craig Consultant who is on hand for guidance and inspiration every step of the way, assisted by the input of qualified dieticians, nutritionists and professional chefs.

What exercises are best for reducing your BMI?

The best weight loss programs are those that encourage portion and calorie controlled meals alongside regular exercise routines. In one sense, both diet and exercise take commitment to commence and determination to maintain, but hand-in-hand, they go well together. Once you commence a Jenny Craig weight loss plan and begin to see results, you will be inspired to continue for the duration of the journey. Your Consultant is on hand for regular weekly inspiration in-house or over the phone, and every meal is tailored precisely for your weight loss needs.

Your exercise will be personalised as part of your weight loss program for replacing fat with muscle for overall body shaping and toning. Appropriate exercise will be according to your present weight and physical condition, and incrementally increased as your fitness levels improve. BMI, or body mass index, is easily understood and provides an accurate guideline for weight loss. BMI is categorised as follows:

  • 18.4 or less (underweight)

  • 18.5 – 24.9 (healthy weight)

  • 25.0 – 29.9 (overweight)

  • 30.0 or more (obese)

BMI takes your weight and height into consideration and is an ideal tool to assist in a weight loss and women’s exercise program just for you.

Our meal plans and exercise programs are overseen by your own personal Jenny Craig Consultant who is on hand for guidance and inspiration every step of the way, assisted by the input of qualified dieticians, nutritionists and professional chefs.

How much exercise should you do each day?

In a time-poor society it’s difficult to commit to extensive daily exercise. Jenny Craig weight loss and exercise programs take your particular circumstances into account, as there is no one-size-fits-all solution. An obese person may begin with simple exercises that encourage movement, even if it only involves a regular walk around the house. We also encourage natural exercises including gardening, playing with the kids and dancing. Overweight (and underweight) people are often intimidated by gym junkies who flaunt muscular physiques, and although that may be your ultimate goal, it’s best to start with realistic targets.

Just as dieting is progressive, getting easier over time, so is exercise. Jenny Craig believes in holistic lifestyle choices that encourage good all-round health and vitality, and when your exercise is accompanied by more than 65 meal choices from the best international cuisines, your targets will be reached for everyone to appreciate.


(Enjoy the Malty Grain Hoops for breakfast from the Jenny Craig menu, pictured above. See the full menu here)

Can you lower your BMI without exercising?

BMI can be lowered without exercise, although the results are far superior when Jenny Craig portion and calorie controlled meals are supported with physical activities. After all, one goal of weight loss is to improve vitality and zest for life, so why not get the action started at the same time as the diet program. At Jenny Craig, we help you remove all obstacles for a successful transformation that will be appreciated by you and your family, without the need for hunger cravings or additional expense.

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