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Jenny Craig BMI Calculator – Men’s Living/Eating

‘You are what you eat’ is as true as ever. In addition, ‘the way you eat’, ‘why you eat’ and ‘when you eat’ are also worth consideration. Men’s eating and living arrangements have evolved along with the rest of society, and transition hasn’t always been smooth. In developed countries men’s health levels are falling behind, with standard of living in the spotlight. Convenient and fast food options in a time-poor, consumer-driven society are the norm, and Australian men’s health is paying the price.

Reversing the trend toward obesity in developed countries has been a Jenny Craig motivator since the company was founded in 1983. The methods work, as thousands of successful Jenny Craig clients can testify, with programs that are tailored for women and men’s eating and living preferences. The Jenny Craig BMI Calculator is one of the many Jenny Craig resources available for personalising men’s weight loss journeys, ultimately helping to recapture youthful looks and vitality

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Can eating well improve your BMI?

Jenny Craig programs are often called meal plans rather than weight loss plans. Our menu choices are sustaining and packed with nutrition, making meal times an occasion for re-energising and replenishing rather than just refilling. Our meals correct BMI imbalance by calorie and portion control that establishes appropriate eating habits. Once the program is complete, you can transition to confident, self-managed meal preparation backed by knowledge and skills.

With more than 65 menu items to choose from for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, plus the guidance of qualified dietitians, nutritionists and celebrity chefs, eating well is guaranteed. Menus are continually updated, and your Jenny Craig Consultant will even help you devise an exercise plan that complements your diet program. At Jenny Craig, everything is taken care of so men can continue regular living and eating routines with minimal disruption, even while losing weight.  

With more than 65 menu items to choose from for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, plus the guidance of qualified dietitians, nutritionists and celebrity chefs, eating well is guaranteed

What should you be eating to reduce your BMI?

There is a lot of information available for people interested in losing weight. Advertising is rampant and unregulated, allowing unqualified people to make outrageous claims. Most unsolicited BMI and weight loss proclamations can be rejected, and caution is required moving forward. The advice of long-term weight loss experts is recommended for best results, such as the men’s eating and living plans available with options that include:

Breakfast: Wholemeal Pancakes; Apple & Berry Brekkie Cup; Café Style Banana Bread; Date & Maple Porridge.

Lunch: Creamy Vegetable Pappardelle; Bean & Cheese Burrito; Ham & Cheese Toastie; Pasta Verde; Salmon Pasta Salad.

Dinner: Roasted Vegetable Pizza; Chicken Parmigiana; Cottage Pie; Crumbed Fish & Wedges; Chilli Con Carne; Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni.

Snacks: Chocolate Pudding; Cheesy Popcorn; Butterscotch Sundae; Salted Caramel Nut Bar; Fruit & Nut Mix; Sticky Date Pudding.


(Enjoy a classic Meat Pie on the Jenny Craig program. See the full menu here)

What foods should you avoid when reducing your BMI?

At Jenny Craig, we don’t expect men to give up their favourite foods. In fact, our meals programs make allowance for favourite cuisines that satisfy and deliver on taste. Our dedicated and professional chefs tailor all meals for every individual customer, meaning weight loss is built into the plan.

We aim to satisfy all men and women with hearty, nourishing meals that are worthy of any occasion. Jenny Craig meals are sure to attract the attention of everyone, and with home delivery or meal pick up options from any of our 104 Australian and New Zealand Centres, we win the award for convenience also. On a Jenny Craig meals plan, you will enjoy new taste experiences that make giving up bad habits easy.

Can you lower your BMI without changing what you eat?

As a weight loss organisation focussed on calorie and portion-controlled meals, Jenny Craig is all about what you eat. We work with every individual to establish a diet plan based on preferences, dislikes, aspirations and other considerations. Your meal plan is calculated after a lot of considerations related to weight, height, age, health, physical activities, employment, gender and more. Your favourite foods are welcome at Jenny Craig, with new methods of enjoying them devised by our talented chefs.

Once you commence your personalised Jenny Craig men’s living and eating plan, you will understand more. We aim to satisfy hunger and deliver on taste with energy-packed meals that every man will appreciate. Remember, your Jenny Craig program is tailored using the best of culinary science to deliver weight loss results and meals you enjoy. With the addition of exercise and appropriate lifestyle choices, the results of BMI reduction the Jenny Craig way will be on show for all to appreciate.

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