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Jenny Craig BMI Chart for Women

Weight is always a topic of discussion among women talking about personal health. There is a lot to consider, and the bathroom scales don’t tell the whole story, especially when metrics other than weight are taken into consideration for assessing overall health. Body Mass Index (BMI) is one alternative that examines both height and weight factors. BMI doesn’t present an ideal weight for women, but it does give every woman ‘healthy weight’ targets to aim for.

The Jenny Craig BMI chart for women provides tremendous insight during initial consultations. Your personal Jenny Craig Consultant takes factors such as age, ethnicity and overall fitness levels into account, and can then devise a weight loss program that steers your dieting in the right direction. In one sense, BMI is more forgiving than weigh scales, as BMI categories have broad range. Obese people feel encouraged when reaching better overweight status, with the potential of reaching healthy weight targets a real possibility.

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What is a healthy BMI for women?

BMI falls into several easy to understand categories. It is a useful guideline tool for most overweight people who are carrying excess fat. There are exceptions, and women who aren’t suitable for BMI weight loss programs include bodybuilders, muscular athletes, pregnant women, the elderly and children. Women aren’t easily categorised, so it’s important to make a genuine self-appraisal of your body’s curves and your weight loss aspirations.

The Jenny Craig BMI chart for women is a tool verified by the World Health Organisation (WHO) for providing relative levels of obesity in the general population. Reversing weight gain provides tremendous health benefits that are appreciated by women, with BMI scores as follows:

  • 18.4 or less (underweight)

  • 18.5 – 24.9 (healthy weight)

  • 25.0 – 29.9 (overweight)

  • 30.0 or more (obese)

How to view your BMI from the chart?

The above BMI scores can be displayed in chart or graph form, so you can follow dieting progress closely. Whatever category you are in, your tailored Jenny Craig weight loss program will guide you toward healthy weight status. BMI is a long-term strategy for maintaining health without carrying excess fat. When BMI is heading in the right direction, so is your resistance to ailments such as heart conditions, diabetes, arthritis and more.

Our consumer society is geared toward excess, and obesity can be the result. Fortunately, our society also provides methods for improving the situation, with Jenny Craig a proven success story. When you follow Jenny Craig guidance for addressing weight issues, your transformation is possible, as experienced by Jenny Craig clients the world over since 1983. Your BMI chart is just the beginning, and with highly qualified nutritionists, dieticians and chefs working with you, weight loss targets are sure to follow.

When you follow Jenny Craig guidance for addressing weight issues, your transformation is possible, as experienced by Jenny Craig clients the world over since 1983.

Is the BMI chart accurate for women?

The Jenny Craig BMI chart for women is extremely helpful for almost all weight loss customers. It’s also very useful for underweight women who require nourishing and sustaining food to put on weight. The BMI chart is an accurate assessment and guideline tool for assisted weight loss, allowing you to monitor progress and celebrate success along the way.

The accuracy of BMI will be matched by increased levels of vitality and overall wellbeing. The benefits of weight loss are well known, and with a Jenny Craig meal plan in place, you can enjoy tasty portion and calorie-controlled meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and treats. Your personal Jenny Craig Consultant will oversee every stage of your weight loss journey, remaining in touch to answer questions and assist with overcoming dieting hurdles. Our assistance includes:

  • A healthy relationship with food where mindfulness results in good eating habits.

  • An active lifestyle that includes planned, playful and natural movements.

  • A balanced approach to living for a positive mindset and improved outlook


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What should women consider when viewing the chart?

In one sense, using the Jenny Craig BMI chart for women is like looking in the mirror and standing on the bathroom scales at the same time. The BMI score delivers hard facts that back up weight and height calculations. You will also need to honestly appraise your body where fat has been allowed to build up. Belly fat, for example, is more likely to result in internal problems such as heart ailments, while fat on the thighs and hips is an indicator of arthritis and other bone and limb-related problems.

In every case however, improved physical and psychological wellbeing will be appreciated when weight levels are heading toward healthy BMI scores. Jenny Craig is the no-fuss way for women to get weight loss results while still undertaking regular duties at work or home. The convenience of Jenny Craig meals, home-delivered or picked up, can’t be overstated, making a huge difference in the lives of our customers and inspiring an entirely new generation along the way.  

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