How your personal consultant will help you

  • 1. personalised program & menu plans

    Your Consultant works with you to come up with an activity program and menu plans that best suit your lifestyle, likes, dislikes and any other factors important to you. They’ll also help you choose between our Classic or Rapid Results Program, based on your lifestyle.

  • 2. ongoing support

    During your weekly one-on-one consultations, your Consultant will discuss your journey so far, assist with challenges and provide tools and resources to help you stay focused on your goal.

  • 3. reach your goal weight

    Your Consultant will track your progress, refresh your menu and celebrate every success with you.

Change your life today!

Why our consultants are so important

Consultants are your Jenny Craig pillar of support. Some of them have come through the program themselves, so they know exactly what you’re going through. To them it’s about more than losing kilograms, it’s about forming a relationship with you, getting to know you and tailoring a program that’s right for you. That way, they know when you might need extra support to help you reach your goal.

Meet some of our Consultants

"They have been really, really helpful, if you didn’t have the consultant, there is no way that you could do this, like you need that constant support through your program."

Name: Michael
Centre: Modbury
Weight Loss: 32kg^
Time: 31 weeks

"I saw myself from a different angle. I was in my shop and I was changing my shirt, I have a security camera that got me from a different angle and I looked at the screen and was like ‘am I really that big? Really? Is it that wide?’ It was like ‘wow, I can’t believe that’, I saw how huge I was getting and I needed help."

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