What is your background and qualifications?
I’m an Accredited Practising Dietitian with a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition and Dietetics) from Charles Sturt University. I have been working as a Dietitian for the last 12 years across a range of roles from hospital, public health and advocacy and the food industry.

What is your role at Jenny Craig?
As the Nutrition and Program Development Manager I lead the Dietitian Team to develop, maintain and grow the Jenny Craig Program. I also work closely with our Marketing team to promote the Jenny Craig program and general healthy eating to both future and current Members.

How does your role impact weight loss?
By keeping our Program, menus and training in line with the latest nutrition science, the Dietitian team ensures our members can achieve healthy and sustainable results with products and programs that best meet their needs. Our focus is to give our Consultants the tools they need to help our Members reach their goal weight while promoting long term health outcomes.

What drew you to working for Jenny Craig over other weight loss programs?
I am passionate about helping people achieve a healthy weight and break free of the dieting mentality and instead, learning to enjoy food again. I was attracted to this role as Jenny Craig has the same passion and we achieve this through balanced, non-restrictive menus along with supportive education that helps members understand how to eat for health. I was also drawn to the role as it’s one of the few programs that has always based its program on nutrition science and not on fad dieting.

What do you enjoy about your job?
I love working for an organisation that has health and nutrition at its core and knowing that we all contribute to helping people make a positive change to their lives. And of course, the food! My favourite part of this role is that moment of realisation – you can enjoy tasty foods and lose weight! I wish I could capture that moment.

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