What Are The Best Weight Loss Foods?

Whether you are planning to lose a significant amount of weight or are just looking to shed a couple of kilos, losing body fat can be difficult. Low kilojoule diets can leave you hungry all the time and have the adverse effect of making you crave more food. That is why nutritionists urge people who are on a diet to eat quality, nutrient-dense foods.

So which weight loss foods should you concentrate on?

There are many weight loss foods that can help you lose weight when included as part of a balanced diet. The key is to look but here is a look at six well-known foods and food groups that everyone can include. Here at Jenny Craig, many of these foods are included as part of our delicious healthy eating plan.

The best foods for weight loss are those with loads of nutritional benefits for little kilojoules that help keep you full and satisfied. Having a balanced and varied diet will help your body obtain all the vitamin, minerals and other nutrients it needs to stay healthy. And staying healthy while cutting back your kilojoules to a safe level will lead you to weight loss success. Here we take a look at five foods that should be included in a weight loss plan. Here at Jenny Craig, many of these foods are included as part of our delicious and healthy eating plans.

Table with assortment of grocery items including mince meat, fruit, vegetables, fish, milk and sliced bread


Vegetables are rich in fibre and are also predominantly water, which makes them feel heavy in your stomach, giving you a feeling of fullness while being low in kilojoules. In addition,  chewing on raw or lightly cooked  vegetables also has the benefit of Of slowing down your eating and helping with feelings of fullness.


Fruits are a great snack for anyone trying to lose weight. Fruits are jam packed with vitamin, minerals and antioxidants as well as being high in fibre. Fibre helps with feelings of fullness, while the natural sweetness of fruit can help curb sweet cravings. Plus, fruit comes in it’s own packaging meaning you can take it with you almost anyway for when hunger strikes.

Lean beef and chicken

Lean meat has come in for some criticisms, but recent studies have shown that although processed meat is higher in saturated fat and salt, lean red meat and chicken are excellent choices for weight loss meal plans because they are high in protein. Protein helps you to feel full and is needed to support muscle growth and repair. Maintaining muscle mass while losing weight can help keep weight off in the long term.

Close-up of several forks heads spearing a variety of fruit and vegetables


Legumes like chickpeas, kidney beans, baked beans and lentils have several properties that make them a perfect weight loss food to include in your balanced meal plan, as well as being healthy. They contain a diverse range of nutrients, providing us with a little bit of almost everything we need. They are high in fibre and protein and super cheap to buy and with canned varieties they are easy to include in healthy recipes


Tuna is another high protein food. There are many ways to eat it, for instance in salads, in a sandwich, on jacket potatoes, and can be consumed cold or hot. Do take care to choose tuna canned in water rather than brine or oil.


In recent years, eggs have been making a comeback. It is now widely recognised that eggs are one of the best foods around and can help people who are looking to lose weight. They are high in protein and healthy fats, and can make you feel full while delivering only a small number of kilojoules. In addition, there are so many healthy ways that you can eat eggs, such as boiled, poached and scrambled.

If you are unsure about when and how to eat these and other foods that are beneficial to weight loss, check out the Jenny Craig website for information on the delicious and nutritious weight loss foods available. With chef-inspired recipes, tailored by dietitians to contain the right number of kilojoules, you can enjoy great meals while shedding excess weight in a healthy and responsible manner.

Enjoy familiar foods and favourite snacks, or opt for something more adventurous and try things that you have never eaten before – the choice is yours! All our meals are specially designed to give you the right nutrients and kilojoules you need, while providing you with tasty and easy to prepare dishes.