Meal Provider

Meal Provider

NDIS Support

Delicious dietitian designed dishes that are not only nutritious but perfectly portioned. Choose from our range of pre-prepared food collections to ensure you have balanced, tasty meals on hand whenever you need them.

At Jenny Craig we can advise NDIS recipients on a Self-Managed Plan to select their menu, arrange delivery and to make a claim with NDIS.

How The Program Works

At Jenny Craig, we’re here to support all NDIS recipients on a Self-Managed Plan with
delicious, portioned controlled food so you don’t have to count, track or worry about what you eat.


Contact us

Speak to our specialist NDIS advisors to hear how the program could work for you.

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Food & delivery

Our NDIS advisors will explain how to get started, select your meals and arrange delivery.

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Make a claim

You make the full payment for your meals and delivery. We provide a tax receipt to make your claim with NDIS.

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A Menu Plan You’ll Love

With 70+ food items, you can choose a broad variety of foods to personalise your menu. Work with your Consultant to create a menu plan that fits in with your lifestyle.

Jenny Craig Members

Your Personal Consultant

Your dedicated consultant will give you the strategies you need to learn how to lose weight and keep it off. Each week, you’ll meet with your consultant — by phone — for customised weight loss guidance, meal planning and feedback. Your consultant is always there for you, whether it’s to answer a question, help you get back on track or celebrate a win.

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