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Jenny Craig Weight Loss – Post Pregnancy Program

In a world where everyone likes to look their best, sudden changes in the body, including unwanted weight gain, can be debilitating both physically and mentally. In the space of nine short months a pregnant mother’s body undergoes many changes, while giving birth adds more strain to an already taxing situation. After undergoing labour, childbirth and recovery, it’s only fair if a woman wants to focus on a return to health and vitality with a post pregnancy weight loss program.

Naturally, the child comes first, and lactating mothers should wait until the child is also ready to make any transition, while medical concerns should be addressed by a qualified doctor. Ultimately, mother, child and family will benefit from a post pregnancy weight loss program that encourages vitality and enthusiasm along with the desired reshaping of physical attributes. With Jenny Craig, post pregnancy weight loss programs are supported by decades of dieting success from clients around the world, and with 104 Jenny Craig Centres in Australia and New Zealand there is bound to be an entire support crew nearby and ready to help you get started.


^Individual results may vary. (Discover Jane's Success Story here)

Are programs tailored for post pregnancy weight loss?

Every Jenny Craig weight loss program can be tailored and personalised to ensure satisfying results. Program duration and price options support specific aims such as post pregnancy weight loss, while menu choices extend to more than 65 delicious options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, sweets and snacks. There are many more ways a Jenny Craig post pregnancy weight loss program is tailored just for you, including:

  • Your own dedicated Jenny Craig Consultant for the duration of the program

  • A program tailored according to weight, height, age, activities and medical conditions

  • Portion and calorie controlled meals for steady weight loss with weekly results

  • Energy and vitality enriched meals prepared by qualified chefs

  • Home delivery or meals pick-up for convenient, stress free dieting

  • Long-term strategies for transition from assisted weight-loss to independent success

How long does the Jenny Craig program take?

At Jenny Craig, your weight loss journey can be as long as you want it to be. We provide all the foundations for successful weight loss, taking the guesswork out of calorie and intake equations, while also providing ongoing support and guidance every step of the way. With weight loss experts on your side and ready to assist, the chances of successful post pregnancy weight loss are greatly increased for everyone to appreciate. Here are some Jenny Craig weight loss program options, all offered with the personalised approach to suit your exacting needs.

Starter Program: A full 12-week program that includes our famous one-on-one Jenny Craig Consultant service, extensive menu plan options, and the support of a successful team.

Signature Program: A complete 12-month program with the addition of unlimited Consultancy, the famous menu and activity plan, plus extra weight loss resources and inspiration.

Signature Plus Program: A transitional 5-year program to ensure weight loss knowledge is retained, targets are maintained, and food science skills are upgraded.

When it comes to weight loss, appropriate knowledge coupled with a dieting skill set is required. With Jenny Craig, the dedicated approach and consistent results are built into the plan, making post pregnancy weight loss a matter of course rather than a matter of chance.  

Every Jenny Craig weight loss program can be tailored and personalised to ensure satisfying results. 

How do I keep my post pregnancy program on track?

Because your Jenny Craig meals are ready-made according to exacting dietary requirements, post pregnancy weight loss programs are automatically on track. At Jenny Craig, we aren’t restrictive, and allow clients to enjoy their favourite foodstuffs while also tempting them with delicious new offerings on a regular basis. In addition, Jenny Craig Consultants are on hand for regular and scheduled catch-ups to discuss dieting progress, obstacles and solutions.

At Jenny Craig, you are supported by the world’s leading team of weight loss industry experts. As with any field of learning, the greatest knowledge and skills are gleaned from qualified and reputable practitioners rather than purveyors of gimmicks and fads. It’s far easier to follow in the post pregnancy weight loss footsteps of successful dieters than it is to struggle aimlessly with blind faith, no matter how noble the intentions.


(Enjoy Hazelnut & Almond Cereal for breakfast from the Jenny Craig menu, pictured above. See the full menu here)

How many post pregnancy weight loss steps are there?

With Jenny Craig, the post pregnancy program weight loss steps are simple to negotiate. From the moment you enquire about our services, we are dedicated to helping you achieve the solutions you desire. Joining Jenny Craig is easy and can be done in a few simple steps.

Step one: Meet with a dedicated Jenny Craig Consultant in person or over the phone. Create a personalised weight loss strategy including diverse menu plan and delivery options.

Step two: Enjoy 5 perfectly calorie and portion controlled meals per day, prepared by qualified chefs and dry-stored or frozen for instant dining pleasure. Choose from over 65 menu options that include traditional family favourites and enticing international cuisines choices.

Step three: Check in weekly with your dedicated Consultant at your local Jenny Craig Centre or from the comfort of home. Discuss challenges, celebrate achievements and begin to make the transition from assisted weight loss to a sustainable living where weight targets are maintained and complemented by appropriate lifestyle and exercise routines, for an all over better you.

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