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$30 Off Your Weekly Menu + FREE 12 Week Membership*

Order online today and use the code ‘SB’ at checkout or quote code in centre to redeem. T&Cs apply

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1. This offer is for employees of Sportsbet, to join Jenny Craig’s promotional 12-week Membership for no membership fee (RRP$45.71) (Membership) and receive a $30 food discount each week that they purchase a weekly menu on a Weight Loss Program, in one transaction, during the Membership (Discount). The standard cost of the weekly menu on a Weight Loss Program, is AU$203 (before the application of the Discount) (Weekly Menu).

2. The Membership includes
• An initial weight assessment;
• Newsletters;
• Recipe e-books;
• Hints and tips on how to stay on track; and
• Access to purchase the Weekly Menu for the duration of the Membership.

3. On purchase of the Weekly Menu on a Weight Loss Program at a cost of AU$173 (after the application of the Discount), receive a one-on-one coaching session with a Jenny Craig Weight Loss Coach, a personalised menu and activity plan, for that week. An additional cost for delivery and vitamin supplements may apply. On meeting with your personal coach, the Weekly Menu may be personalised to your individual needs.

4. In addition, the following standard terms and conditions apply to this offer:
a) one offer only per Sportsbet employee. Excludes current Jenny Craig members.
b) offer may be subject to additional terms and conditions by Sportsbet. Sportsbet employees, should review and seek advice on such terms prior to joining the Membership
c) only valid on presentation of proof of employment with Sportsbet and a copy of the offer flyer and code.
d) the Weekly Menu must be purchased in a particular week during the 12-week Membership for the member to then receive the Discount.
e) offer is not to be used in conjunction with any other offer, unless specified otherwise.
f) offer is conditional on the Sportsbet employee, or their verified family member or friend, having read and agreeing to the General Terms of Use available online at
g) offer is not transferrable or exchangeable and cannot be redeemed for cash, credit or products (including individual or specific menu items).
h) price of the Weekly Menu may vary from time to time.
i) the offer is only available on a Weight Loss Program. It is not available on the purchase of any other plans offered by Jenny Craig.
j) subject to applicable laws, Jenny Craig may vary, update or terminate this offer at any time.
k) the offer is available both at a Jenny Craig Centre (either in person or via phone) and may be redeemed online at When redeeming online, the code must be applied at check out;
l) the offer ends 30 July 2023, which is the last day for redemption.

5. Please note individual weight loss results may vary. Weight loss takes time and effort to be successful. Individuals should seek professional advice on diet, exercise and lifestyle changes, and consult with their doctor prior to joining the Membership.