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The moment I realised I needed to do something was when my clothes stopped fitting. I felt uncomfortable in the fact that my suits didn’t fit , my tops didn’t fit, I was extra extra extra large in everything. I got really hot, I felt lazy. I didn’t want to get active, and having my three girls I needed to be active.

A lot of people had noticed my weight gain and maybe because I’m male they thought that I can take it a little bit better, but a lot of mates would say “ah geeze you’ve been in a good paddock” or “ooh gee what size are you”. It hurt just a little bit too much.

Everyone knows I love food, and I’ve spoken to a lot of people about being on Jenny Craig, and they were like what’s the food like? People always think the food’s going to be yuck but the food is absolutely delicious, it’s really nice! I had a pie for lunch yesterday, a meat pie, a good Australian meat pie, and it was delicious! Then I had fettuccini and chicken which has a creamy sauce. You get to eat food that you didn’t think you could eat on a diet, but they make it so healthy and I love it.  That myth about the food not being good is wrong, the food is beautiful. I even had chocolate pudding for dessert last night. How good is that? No other weight loss program has desserts. Jenny Craig has desserts, that’s a big tick from me!

Although I love the food, the best thing about Jenny Craig is that you have a Consultant that you can call up at any time. You see them once a week for your weigh in and to talk about your week ahead and any challenges you may be having. They are constantly giving you advice and teaching you lessons so you can’t fall off the wagon. I’m learning about balance and how to keep my lifestyle while reaching my goals. My Consultant Rita, is so lovely and the fact that I get to speak to her whenever I need to so that I stay on track is key. I can’t believe I’m over half way to my goal weight. It’s a lot better than any other program out there!!


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A day in the life of jenny Craig

Jenny Craig - Zucchini & Corn Muffin

Breakfast:Zucchini & Corn Muffin

Jenny Craig - BBQ Pulled Pork Toastie

Lunch:BBQ Pulled Pork Toastie

Jenny Craig - Creamy Vegetable Pappardelle

Dinner:Creamy Vegetable Pappardelle

Jenny Craig - Shortbread Bites

Snack:Shortbread Bites

Our average weekly food AUD$169.90 (AUD$24.25 per day).
Pricing based on My Loyalty Reward program & includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack each day.