Weight Loss After Pregnancy

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Getting back into shape after pregnancy

Getting back into shape after pregnancy should be a long-term plan with milestones rewarded and goals celebrated. However, it’s equally important to feel good along the way. With the right guidance, a tailored menu plan and exercise program will provide great results while also creating a nurturing environment for both mother and baby. Losing weight and re-establishing your pre-baby appearance becomes a natural part of motherhood when post-pregnancy weight-loss goals are met with the help of Jenny Craig.

Every stage of your baby’s development will bring new surprises – and challenges. Fortunately, the bond between mother and baby is ongoing and interrelated, especially in relation to diet, where good nutrition is a shared experience. This is particularly the case for mothers who choose to breastfeed. Post-pregnancy programs commence six weeks or more after childbirth or later if breastfeeding. This allows time for a healthy recovery while adapting to the needs of your new family member. Unwanted weight gained during the previous months can then be addressed with increased strength, vitality and expert Jenny Craig assistance.  

Weight Loss After Pregnancy Discover Natasha's Success

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Getting started with post-pregnancy weight-loss

Childbirth is miraculous, although a mother’s joy can be tempered somewhat by changes to her body that are less than satisfying. A desire to immediately get back into shape is understandable and admirable, however, the first month or two after childbirth should be dedicated to proper nourishment and appropriate activities that re-establish optimum health. Motherhood can be a test of stamina and patience where the baby’s demands take precedence over all else, so knowing when to commence a post-pregnancy weight-loss plan is part of the big picture. Jenny Craig responds to the new family dynamic by satisfying the nutritional needs of new mothers with time-saving meal plans that are also a treat for the taste buds.

Commencing a diet too soon after childbirth can be detrimental. Both mother and baby require vital nutrients that provide energy when needed, and prematurely reducing nutrient intake can delay recovery and make you (and your baby) feel tired or lethargic. Every mother deserves the opportunity to enjoy the company of her baby, so it’s important to be patient and give your body a chance to adjust. With a Jenny Craig post-pregnancy weight-loss plan, it won’t be long before you can comfortably begin counting kilojoules and start watching yourself slim down.

Jenny Craig clients have all the support, guidance and encouragement they need to remain motivated

Achieving realistic post-pregnancy weight-loss goals

Women often experience permanent changes due to pregnancy and childbirth. It’s not unusual to notice a wider waistline, larger hips or softer belly than before, so realistic weight-loss goals need to be accepted. In a world where appearances are important, it’s still worth knowing that even greater beauty shines from within thanks to good nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices. When combined with tasty, well-balanced meals, post-pregnancy weight-loss can result in you looking and feeling better than ever.

Initially, weight loss may be your singular goal, but with a Jenny Craig meal plan you will also begin to feel increased energy levels. Instead of sacrificing your own health in pursuit of your baby’s happiness, the convenient, nutritionally balanced meal plan provides optimal nutrition. A Jenny Craig post-pregnancy weight-loss program restores healthy balance and vitality, resulting in newfound curves and greater confidence.

Post-Pregnancy weight-loss and exercise

The introduction of a new baby into the family will most likely result in changes at home and work. The household upheaval can be an energy sapping test, so it’s understandable that some new moms don’t have the motivation to establish exercise routines and weight-loss initiatives. It’s easier with Jenny Craig, where you are no longer struggling in isolation. Your Jenny Craig weight loss program is a revelation shared by countless women who have lost weight and regained youthful vitality.

Without exercise, it isn’t possible to gain muscle tone during weight loss. It’s well known that diet and exercise are natural counterparts for establishing a healthy physique, increasing longevity and providing a positive attitude. Jenny Craig understands the science behind nutrition, offering weight-loss solutions that become natural daily routines. Additionally, Jenny Craig clients have all the support, guidance and encouragement they need to remain motivated.

Weight Loss After Pregnancy Chili Con Carne

(Enjoy the chili con carne that's on the Jenny Craig program, pictured above. See the full menu here)

Eating well during post-pregnancy weight-loss

Diet and weight-loss newcomers are often pleasantly surprised that dieting doesn’t require fasting or missing meals. On the contrary, eating well is an important component of steady, healthy post-pregnancy weight-loss. Well-prepared and balanced meals provide sustenance and nutrition that fast-food and irregular eating simply can’t, and the value of a Jenny Craig weight-loss plan becomes increasingly apparent.

It’s true that dieting requires regulated eating and discipline to avoid temptations. Jenny Craig responds by providing delicious and filling meals that satisfy weight and health objectives while keeping our clients on track. Jenny Craig is a holistic approach to weight-loss, where overall health and a desired appearance are attainable goals worth striving for. Genuine weight-loss initiatives include tasty, satisfying and healthy meal alternatives, and Jenny Craig remains a leader in changing perceptions, improving appearances and promoting quality of life for countless happy clients.

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