Weight Loss Results - When Can You Expect To See Changes?

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Jenny Craig Weight Loss Benefits and Results

It goes without saying that everyone on a weight loss journey wants to achieve tangible results. Often you begin a weight loss program because you don’t like what you see in the mirror, or you’re not comfortable with how you feel. The catalyst may be that you don’t like shopping for clothes or how they look and fit. It’s a bit of a contradiction, but because of your size you may sometimes feel invisible.

While they are important issues, the benefits of weight loss go beyond those things. Being healthy on the inside, both physically and mentally, is just as important as how you feel or look on the outside.

The Jenny Craig program is based on scientific research, and has been helping people achieve weight loss benefits and results since 1983. They realise the importance of achieving the optimum in good health and nutrition, and so their Medical Advisory Board consists of experts in nutrition, psychology, exercise physiology and lifestyle change. This is how Jenny Craig provide the most effective strategies for achieving long term weight loss benefits and results.


^Individual results may vary. (Discover Kate's Success Story here)

How long until you see weight loss results?

That’s a bit like asking how long is a piece of string? Everyone loses weight at different rates, but also the length of time until you see weight loss results depends on you and what your goals are. For example, if you have back or joint pain and one of your goals is to be able to walk without pain, it could be that initially losing some weight provides relief, so you have achieved a weight loss result already.

Perhaps you suffer from low self-esteem or energy, and your first loss on the scales gives you a welcome mood boost, inspiring you to keep moving forward on your weight loss journey. That is a result your dedicated Jenny Craig Consultant will enjoy celebrating with you!

But if you are wondering how long it will take to see weight loss results in kilograms, the Jenny Craig program is designed to provide a weight loss result of half to one kilogram per week (except if you are breastfeeding or an adolescent). It is important to note however, that several factors can vary these results, such as your weight history, body composition, gender and level of physical activity, amongst other things.

How can I get fast weight loss results?

With weight loss it is generally slow and steady that wins the race on the scales in the long term.

The Jenny Craig weight loss program provides education, strategic direction, dedicated support and guidance to successfully lose the weight and keep it off for life. The expert Consultants will teach you how to establish a healthy relationship with food which means developing sensible eating habits and being mindful of portion sizes. You will learn how to adopt a more active lifestyle, based around physical activities which have mental health benefits and help you burn more calories. You will also develop problem solving skills and learn how to self-monitor your diet, and how to set and achieve goals. These things take time.

Everybody’s rate of weight loss is different, so your loss may or may not be ‘fast’ but on the Jenny Craig program it will be the best way to achieve weight loss results for life.

The Jenny Craig weight loss program provides education, strategic direction, dedicated support and guidance to successfully lose the weight and keep it off for life.

How can you measure the results of your weight loss?

Some weight loss results are more easily measured than others. Meeting with your personal Jenny Craig Consultant once a week enables you to measure your kilogram loss consistently and accurately by using the same calibrated scales. As you increase your level of activity you may be aware of increased muscle tone and decreased size as your Consultant records your body measurements every few weeks.

Some weight loss benefits are not so easily measured but the results may still be seen. Stronger joints and bones, a more positive attitude and involvement in life, improved self-confidence and self-esteem, increased energy levels and less visceral fat surrounding your internal organs.


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What health results can you expect from weight loss?

Even a small amount of weight loss can provide health benefits such as improved joint and spinal health, lower cholesterol levels, a decreased risk of heart disease along with a decrease to your blood pressure which can reduce your risk of stroke and aneurysms.

Certain cancers have been linked to obesity so weight loss can provide health benefits like lowering your risk of prostate, breast and colon cancer, amongst others.

Weight loss has been shown to improve your chances of fertility and reduce the chances of complications during pregnancy and childbirth along with birth defects.

The effect of weight loss on your mental health should not be underestimated, and the Jenny Craig weight loss health benefits certainly include not only increased physical health but additional improvements to mental health and wellbeing.

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