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Jenny Craig Best Weight Loss Foods

Surely the ultimate ‘best’ weight loss foods have to be those that taste great but are also good for you, delivering all the vitamins and minerals your body needs. But what tastes the best to you could well be different to what tastes the best to someone else. And what they need by way of vitamins and minerals could be vastly different to what you need, because of your differing lifestyles, gender and more.

So, the best foods for you to eat while on a weight loss program are those that are delicious and tailored to your individual needs based on your age, weight, gender, health and lifestyle which is exactly what you will find when you embark upon a Jenny Craig weight loss program.


^Individual results may vary. (Discover Kerry's Success Story here)

What foods are best for weight loss?

You know that some foods are better than others for weight loss. Those that are high in fibre, low in salt and saturated fat, contains protein along with vitamins and minerals, are always going to be considered some of the best weight loss foods.

But the Jenny Craig approach to weight loss is not about excluding all the foods that you love, but about making the majority of your foods healthy and nutritious and enjoying all foods in moderation. It is also about ensuring your diet is portion and calorie controlled.

Your mind plays a powerful role in weight loss, so it is important for the sustainability of your diet that you don’t feel deprived and that you don’t exclude significant food groups. Plans that operate on that basis tend not to work in the long term. That is why you will find foods you wouldn’t expect on a weight loss program on the Jenny Craig menu. You will be happy to know that foods you are used to eating such as pasta, pizza and dessert are on the menu and are considered to be the best foods for weight loss when eaten in a portion and calorie controlled environment.

The best weight loss foods on the Jenny Craig menu are the ones you find tasty and nutritious and look forward to eating while you are losing weight.

What are the best snack foods for weight loss?

Contrary to what you might expect, the best snack foods for weight loss are not solely vegetables and fruit. Why? Because the aim is not just to lose weight, but to keep it off, and for many people snacking on celery, a carrot or an apple is not sustainable in the long term.

On the Jenny Craig snack foods menu, you will find a good range of tasty snack choices which, in conjunction with your calorie and portion controlled meal plan, will see you continue to lose weight while feeling satisfied. There are snacks such as cheesy popcorn, or light and tangy veggie crisps. You will also find fruit and nut mix, BBQ bites, choc chip bites and cinnamon cookies along with many more delicious snack options.

The Jenny Craig approach to weight loss is not about excluding all the foods that you love, but about making the majority of your foods healthy and nutritious and enjoying all foods in moderation.

What are the best breakfast foods for weight loss?

Breakfast is an important meal as it kick-starts your metabolism and provides the energy needed to start your day. On the Jenny Craig breakfast menu, you can choose from a range of healthy, nutritious and filling breakfasts, such as wholemeal pancakes, cranberry and vanilla muesli, date and maple porridge, egg and baked bean brekkie and many more mouth-watering dishes.

The best breakfast foods for weight loss provide fibre to help you feel full for longer and vitamins and minerals for good health.


(Enjoy the Chilli Con Carne from the Jenny Craig menu, pictured above. See the full menu here)

What are the best weight loss foods for dinner?

Dinner is a meal that might be eaten at home, at a friend’s house or out at a function or restaurant. Because of the social aspect it can be a difficult meal to ensure you eat the best weight loss foods. Jenny Craig teaches you how to make sensible food choices, to regulate your portion sizes and to be mindful of calorie content for the times when you have to deviate from your individual meal plan.

On a Jenny Craig meal plan the best foods for dinner include butter chicken, tuna pasta and spinach and ricotta cannelloni. You can also enjoy crumbed fish and wedges, cottage pie and chilli con carne.

Jenny Craig’s menu also includes vegetarian options such as vegetable moussaka, Creamy Vegetable Pappardelle, macaroni cheese, vegetable tikka masala with paneer cheese and Asian style vegetable fried rice.

During your weight loss journey with Jenny Craig you are encouraged to begin building your own foods and recipes into your meal plan, preparing you for the time when you have reached your weight loss goal and transitioned into your weight maintenance process.

Learning about the best weight loss foods for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks is one aspect of your Jenny Craig education which teaches you how to develop sensible eating habits for life.

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