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Each year, millions of people resolve that they are going to lose weight. And many of them start, but quite a few people either give up in the first week, while others stick at the diet for a while but then drift back into their previous, not so healthy, eating habits. Often this is to do with practical reasons. Following diets can often mean that you have to go shopping for unusual ingredients, your family may not want to join you in the lower calorie foods you need to eat, or because of work or family commitments you may just not have the time to spend reading food packaging and labels, worrying about what you can or cannot eat, etc.

Luckily, help is at hand. At Jenny Craig, we will provide you with carefully planned, nutritious, delicious foods as part of easy diet plans that will help you to eat all the right foods without having to consume too many kilojoules, and the hardest thing will be to choose from over 65 different foods on offer!

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Delicious food delivered to your door

Do you like the idea of having prepared food conveniently delivered to your doorstep? If so, the Jenny Craig meal plan will be great for you. Healthy, filling, portion-controlled meals are delivered straight to your door, taking the guesswork out of dieting. No more having to work out points, add calories or weigh food, with the regulated meals you simply enjoy your food, and along the way, you will get used to a healthier lifestyle.

What if I have allergies or other food issues?

You can still take part in the Jenny Craig program. Many of the foods provided are suitable for special dietary requirements including vegetarian, and others. If you are unsure which items to choose from the list of foods on offer, a chat with your Consultant will be all you need to find out which of the delicious menu options are right for you.

At Jenny Craig your Consultant will also offer you support to adapt a healthier lifestyle

Easy and quick to prepare

Once you have chosen your menu for the week, you will be amazed at how simple and quick it is to put your Jenny Craig meal on the table. In fact, you will be able to do it while getting food for the rest of the family ready, or quickly put a delicious meal on the table when you come home from work. You can add your own vegetables, fruit and dairy to complement the meals, and there are plenty of tips, articles and recipes to inspire you on the Jenny Craig website as well.

Meals to suit your lifestyle

We all know that everyone’s lifestyle is different. Some of us are morning people, while others come to life in the evening. Some people like to linger over meals, while others eat on the go due to busy lifestyles. At Jenny Craig, you can adapt your menu to suit your individual lifestyle. Sit down with an Egg and Bean breakfast, or a delicious bowl of porridge. No time? Then why not choose a delicious Oat and Apricot bar to munch on while you are off to work, or have a delicious Cafe Style Banana Bread with a cup of coffee to start the day. The easy diet plans allow you to tailor your meal exactly as needed, so for every day of the week you can have the right option for every meal.

Easy Diet Plans_Wholemeal Pancakes

(Enjoy the wholemeal pancakes that are on the Jenny Craig program. See the full menu here)

Be as adventurous as you like

Because all the meals in the Jenny Craig easy diet plans come in prepared portions, you may even be tempted to try something new to eat. If it turns out that it was not to your taste, you can simply choose something different the next time, without having to worry about finishing off leftover portions of something you did not enjoy. With the range of meals on offer, you can stick to tried and tested food and recipes, or try interesting ideas from around the world, the choice is yours.

Keep the weight off in the future

At Jenny Craig, your Consultant will not only sit down and work through the easy diet plans with you, but will also offer you support to adapt a healthier lifestyle, and to help you cope with situations such as choosing the right meal when eating out, not putting the weight back on over holidays such as Christmas or Easter, and how to judge portion sizes and prepare your own delicious meals once you start getting towards your goal weight. In this way, you will be more motivated and better able to cope when unexpected situations arise.

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