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Weight Loss Exercise Program – Men

It’s no secret that men’s health is paying the price for consumer-driven convenience foods and refreshments. Men have adapted to societal changes along with women and the results aren’t all good, with more Australian and New Zealand men than ever suffering problems associated with obesity. Reversing the trend is an aim that Jenny Craig takes seriously, using weight loss diet and exercise in tandem for superior results. All men want to look their best, and a tailored approach is required for achieving the look men are after.


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What are the best weight loss exercise programs for men?

Everyone is an individual, and your weight loss exercise program should be structured accordingly. At Jenny Craig, we start at the beginning with a comprehensive consultation to ascertain your weight loss aspirations, plus answer any questions you may have. We then take your statistics that include height, weight, age, health, fitness levels and more into consideration. Your body mass index (BMI) plays an important role, as men on average carry about 15% more overall muscle than women.

This is one reason why many men naturally favour weight and resistance training over aerobic workouts. However, your exercise program needs to be complemented with the right food and protein and should be undertaken safely according to your present weight and level of fitness. The good news is that even if you are overweight or obese, there are plenty of exercises that will suit you. Your Jenny Craig Consultant will introduce you to new and improved ways to lose weight and gain muscle at the same time.

How much weight could you lose by following an exercise program?

The choice is all yours at Jenny Craig. We have been assisting men lose weight and achieve optimum health since 1983, and you will experience personalised service with us. We don’t advocate dramatic, rapid weight loss or starvation diets, instead preferring to introduce customers to steady dieting without unwanted food cravings. By following a Jenny Craig portion and calorie controlled weight loss plan you will lose between 0.5 – 1kg weekly, allowing you to transition from fat to fabulous in only a couple of months.

By following a Jenny Craig portion and calorie controlled weight loss plan you will lose between 0.5 – 1kg weekly, allowing you to transition from fat to fabulous in only a couple of months.

Can men’s exercise programs be done at home?

When a person diets and loses weight, muscle diminishes along with fatty build-up. Our aim is to help you establish and maintain a suitable exercise program that can be increased over time. In this way, strong muscle replaces unwanted fat for a more sculpted appearance. Muscle weighs more than fat, so achieving and maintaining target weight is a balance best overseen by the professional, accredited dietitians and nutritionists at Jenny Craig.

Your men’s exercise program can start simply, and here are a few suggestions that even obese and overweight men can commence at home.

  • Step A exercises while sitting can include lifting light objects, raising your arms and legs in manageable repetitions, rearranging the garage and helping with household improvements.

  • Step B includes walking, light stretching, getting out and about, aerobic and resistance exercises, plus anything else that gets your body moving to encourage oxygen and blood flow for greater energy levels.

  • Step C improves strength and stamina with Jogging, weight and resistance exercises, aerobic exercises, yoga, and other exercises that burn fat and replace it with muscle.


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How much weightlifting should be part of an exercise program?

At Jenny Craig, we advocate a gentle re-introduction to exercise. Men who haven’t exercised for some time, and those suffering ailments, should get the all clear from their medical practitioner prior to embarking on strenuous exercise. Once you are ready to start losing fat and replacing it with muscle we are here to assist. The body you can achieve is only limited by genetics, but you can get back into extremely good health or even peak fitness with Jenny Craig.

In fact, many top athletes, weightlifters and other sportspeople have been overweight or obese at some point in their lives. People who put on weight easily are often large-boned and naturally muscular but have made bad diet and lifestyle choices. Fortunately, the same genetics mean that the potential for achieving a strong, muscular appearance is very high. At Jenny Craig, we understand that weight loss affects people externally and internally, and our guidance will result in greater self-esteem, a healthy outlook on life, and an appearance that is sure to impress.   

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