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Weight Loss Exercise Program – Women

Every weight loss program should be accompanied by suitable exercises and physical activities. Dieting will help you shed fat that needs to be replaced by muscle and toned skin for a complete transformation. Unfortunately, most unsupervised and unmanaged diets deplete women’s energy reserves that are required for exercise, and weight loss results suffer. At Jenny Craig, your portion and calorie controlled meals are packed with nutrition for energy and sustenance without food cravings, allowing you to establish your ideal weight loss exercise program.


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What are the best weight loss exercise programs for women?

Every woman is different, and weight loss aspirations and expectations vary between individuals. The exercise program you commence should also be tailored to suit your present weight and level of fitness. Your personal Jenny Craig Consultant can introduce you to a range of exercise program strategies, including spontaneous and planned activities that get your body moving. It won’t take long before you begin to feel the benefits, regardless of your present weight, and your exercise program will become a pleasurable addition to the weight loss plan.

If you haven’t exercised for a long time it’s advisable to start with a beginner’s program. If you have any concerns regarding medical conditions you should get the all-clear from your doctor prior to starting your weight loss and exercise program. You don’t need to go to the gym or employ a personal trainer to get healthy, and your exercise beginnings can be as easy as a walk in the park or a visit with friends. Your energy levels will soon return with vitamin and nutrition enriched Jenny Craig meals, and each higher level of exercise will become a natural next step.

How long do women’s exercise programs take to do?

Not all exercise is timed. Although it’s a good idea to establish a regular exercise routine, it’s equally important to appreciate movement in general and the benefit it offers. Obesity, for example, is at epidemic proportions in Australia and New Zealand, and a gradual, steady change is the best way to achieve satisfactory weight loss and fitness for many women. Here are some exercise steps that might help you along the way.

Step A: Exercises while sitting can include lifting light objects, raising your arms and legs in manageable repetitions, rearranging the pantry and performing light household chores.

Step B: Walking, light stretching, getting out and about, aqua aerobics and other water resistance exercises, plus anything else that gets your body moving to encourage oxygen and blood flow for greater energy levels.

Step C: Jogging, weight and resistance exercises, aerobic exercises, yoga and other exercises that burn fat and replace it with muscle.

At Jenny Craig, your portion and calorie controlled meals are packed with nutrition for energy and sustenance without food cravings, allowing you to establish your ideal weight loss exercise program.

Can exercise programs help you lose fat?

The one good thing about unwanted fat is that you can choose to lose it. Poor diet and lifestyle choices allow fat to build up, eventually becoming very noticeable and a health concern if left unmanaged. Reversing weight gain while retaining good health is reliant on steady, consistent exercise and diet overseen by weight loss experts. When dieting, both fat and muscle waste away, so getting the exercise balance right for replacing fat with muscle is the secret behind achieving a sculpted appearance.

The knowledge isn’t new and has been backed by the best health and medical science for decades. That’s why your weight loss program at Jenny Craig includes the guidance of qualified dietitians and nutritionists. Out weight loss and exercise programs for women have been working wonders since 1983, and the plan is so simple some people find it hard to believe. As they say, seeing is believing, and you will notice the results every time you step on the bathroom scales or glance at the bedroom mirror.  


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What weight loss exercises can women do at home?

Anyone who has enough space to lay flat and stretch out in all directions can exercise at home. Even women who are chair-bound can perform simple leg and arm lifts that strengthen muscles and assist in the cure of ailments. Exercise can be planned and scheduled or seen as a useful diversion for enjoying life. Easy exercises women can do at home include:

  • Go for a walk around the yard or in the local park

  • Put your favourite music on and move to the groove

  • Get into gardening for simple bending, stretching and lifting

  • Take the bicycle out for a spin around the neighbourhood

  • Leave the car at home for short distance journeys

  • Enjoy deep breathing and simple yoga stretches for increased energy

When supported by more than 65 delicious menu options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, you will be able to focus on both diet and exercise during your woman’s weight loss program. Your resulting positivity and new sculpted appearance are sure to please and guaranteed to get noticed.

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