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Jenny Craig Comprehensive Weight Loss Food Plans

It’s understandable that people tire of weight loss advice from family and friends. Although well intended, such suggestions are usually speculative, judgemental or related to food fashion trends rather than sound dietary evidence. No two people are the same, so it’s futile promoting monotonous, repetitive diets based on fad ingredients without taking the individual into consideration. Jenny Craig Consultants, on the other hand, get to know you as a person to understand your aims and expectations along with any limitations in reaching your ultimate weight loss targets.

A comprehensive Jenny Craig weight loss food plan includes every meal as ordered, on time, and tailored for your specific menu choices. In other words, skipping meals and dramatic fasting isn’t a consideration when eating healthy, nutritious foodstuffs. In fact, you can eat all main meals plus sweets and treats on a Jenny Craig weight loss food plan personalised for steady, achievable weight loss. All Jenny Craig plans include a confidential and comprehensive assessment by an experienced Consultant who will ensure your needs are met at every stage of the weight loss journey.


^Individual results may vary. (Discover Adrian's Success Story here)

Does Jenny Craig provide a comprehensive food plan for weight loss?

Jenny Craig food plans are adaptable and suited to women and men of all ages. In addition, our Consultants understand the symbiotic relationship between sensible eating and healthy relationships. When meals consist of tasty, fresh food enriched with vitamins and minerals, increased energy and a sharper mind follow, especially when the food choices are all yours to personalise for maximum satisfaction. Comprehensive food plans for weight loss include ready-made meal choices for convenient and comfortable weight control.

Jenny Craig food plans for weight loss include:

  • Starter Plan is a 12-week introduction to weight loss, including a menu and activity schedule designed by a highly-trained Consultant.
  • Signature Plan includes all the amazing Jenny Craig menu options along with 12 months of personalised consultancy support.
  • Signature Plan plus with 5 years of dedicated support by a qualified life management coach to ensure you always look and feel your best.

What foods are good for weight loss?

It’s important to differentiate between gym-style protein enhanced exercise and essential weight loss for those who need to get back in shape. There’s nothing wrong with body shaping and muscle building when the time is right, but most overweight and out of shape people prefer gentler encouragement, simpler exercise and regular meals. Regaining a taut physique won’t happen overnight, but with the right foods, target weight can be achieved without sacrificing dining pleasure. Jenny Craig has mastered the art of combining taste and nutrition, with menu items containing weight loss foods that provide energy, strength and vigour.

Food science is well understood by Jenny Craig dietitians who adapt carbohydrate and protein packed meals for providing sustainable energy, without neglecting dining satisfaction. All 65 Jenny Craig menu items are tasty and healthy, with new introductions that include vegetable fried rice, chicken pad Thai and chocolate cheesecake certain to stimulate the appetite. When portions and calories are controlled and only the best ingredients selected by Jenny Craig experts, every meal contains food that is good for weight loss.

Jenny Craig food plans are adaptable and suited to women and men of all ages. Comprehensive food plans for weight loss include ready-made meal choices for convenient and comfortable weight control.

Are carbohydrates bad for weight loss?

There are varieties of carbohydrates containing individual properties relative to their source. Some carbs are very good for weight loss, helping people overcome hunger cravings even when eating less than usual. Weight loss carbohydrates include wholegrain cereals, whole barley, wild rice, plus a lot of fruits and vegetables. Every Jenny Craig client is treated as an individual with specific needs and preferences for optimum weight loss and physical fitness, and appropriate carbohydrate intake is just one small way Jenny Craig makes a real difference.


(Enjoy the Chocolate Cheesecake on the Jenny Craig program, pictured above. See the full menu here)

What foods to eat for weight loss?

Anyone who has dramatically altered their diet understands the trepidation involved. Choosing appropriate foods to meet dietary needs is the first step, but it’s difficult for busy people and inexperienced cooks, so assistance is required for dieters to reach their goals. With Jenny Craig, you are never alone and helpful guidance is just a phone call away. Alternative communication is also always available online via email or by using our live chat facility.

Although a lot of dieters focus only singular food groups, Jenny Craig Consultants suggest compatible menu items for maximum health, vitality and taste sensation. Naturally, weight loss staples such as apples, oats and almonds are available, as are delicious seasonal offerings that are sure to excite the senses and satisfy the taste buds. When a weight loss program is in the hands of expert Jenny Craig dietitians, gourmet food becomes weight-loss-friendly food to be enjoyed.



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