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Where to buy food to aid weight loss?

Losing weight can be hard, especially when you are trying to do it on your own, and it seems that everyone around you is tucking into delicious, kilojoule-laden meals such as pasta, curry and puddings. Not only are you unable to join in with these meals, but you have to shop for separate foods, study the ingredients carefully, prepare special meals and watch your portion sizes.

But wait, there is an easier way!

At Jenny Craig, you can enjoy delicious meals inspired by top chefs. And what is even better, the Jenny Craig weight loss foods include such great dishes as pasta, curry and even pudding. Every day, you choose a delicious and nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner plus a snack that you can take at a time of your choosing, while losing a steady, healthy amount of weight along the way.


^Individual results may vary. (Discover Annabelle's Success Story here)

Why choose the Jenny Craig meal plan?

At Jenny Craig, we believe that you should eat the food you love, and love the food you eat! That is why we have carefully prepared over 65 delicious foods that you can mix and match to suit your taste and lifestyle. Busy day ahead? Then plan one of our simple and quick to prepare meals that will have you running out of the door in no time. A leisurely morning? Then why not opt for a delicious breakfast dish that you can take your time over while reading the paper. The choices on offer make it quick and simple to fit the meals into your day.

As well as the meals provided by Jenny Craig, you can top your daily food intake up with delicious fresh fruit and vegetables, low-fat dairy options and more. This way, you will never get bored and that in itself will make it easier to stick to your weight loss foods. About halfway through your journey, you will start to introduce meals prepared by yourself, in order to slowly transition to enjoying all your own-cooked meals. That way, you will not stay dependent on the Jenny Craig foods.

We believe that you should eat the food you love, and love the food you eat! That is why we have carefully prepared over 65 delicious foods that you can mix and match to suit your taste and lifestyle.

How will I know what weight loss foods to buy?

At Jenny Craig, we have done all the hard work for you. All our delicious meals are carefully portioned to provide you with the right nutrients and kilojoules to allow you to still lose weight in a gradual and sustainable way. Your Consultant will be able to help you plan your meals and advise on the best foods for weight loss if you need some help.

As you notice the weight coming off, you will learn about portion sizes, healthy alternatives and how to fit foods into your lifestyle, even on important dates such as holidays and birthdays, without letting them take control. You will have a healthier relationship with the foods you eat, which in turn will help you to have a healthier lifestyle. Your consultant will discuss some exercise with you too, which will aid you further in losing weight.


(Enjoy the Cottage Pie that's on the Jenny Craig program, pictured above with French Beans with Mint and Lemon. See the full menu here)

How will I know if there is a Jenny Craig food delivery in my area?

With more than 100 centres across Australia and New Zealand, chances are that there will be a centre not far from you. You can collect your planned menus every week. Delivery and weekly phone consultations are also possible, just ask for more details when you speak to one of our Consultants. The website is also a great source of inspiration with personal success stories, and a great blog with tips and recipes to enjoy.

As you learn to prepare your own healthy meals to sustain the weight loss after following the program, you will have the skills to know which foods to buy and what portion sizes to use. Why not contact us via the website today and start to enjoy these great weight loss foods that will help you to achieve the look you want.


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