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What is the top Australian weight loss food programme?

Weight loss programmes that promise you instant results without making changes to your lifestyle are available all over the internet. Simply cut out one type of food, take a nutritional shake, use some special pills, the choices are many and varied. The result: in every case, maintaining long-term results is proving virtually impossible.


^Individual results may vary. (Discover Leeanne's Success Story here)

Why is Jenny Craig different?

At Jenny Craig, our weight loss program is specially tailored to suit every individual. With a well-proven plan that has been some 30 years in the making, as well as one-on-one support from our consultants, our program is created to offer you a way to lose weight by making healthy choices without having to give up the foods you love.

The Jenny Craig weight loss program is specially tailored to you, your circumstances and your lifestyle. As well as educating you about food choices, portion sizes and exercise, the Jenny Craig program provides you with motivation and support to change your habits for a healthier lifestyle that will allow you to keep the weight off, even long term.

We believe that you should eat the food you love, and love the food you eat! That is why we have carefully prepared over 65 delicious foods that you can mix and match to suit your taste and lifestyle.

Why is the support that Jenny Craig offers important?

If you have tried dieting on your own before, you will know how difficult it can be to sustain your good intentions. A busy lifestyle, family, work and other life issues all conspire to keep us from spending time concentrating on our own needs. As a result, we often lack the energy and willpower to go shopping for healthy foods or to take the time to check labels, devise healthy recipes and cook meals that are low in calories but high in nutrition.

At Jenny Craig, you will receive weekly, personal support from your Consultant who is there to help you through the highs and lows of your weight loss journey. Tips, tricks and advice for when you are in need of a boost, and there to celebrate your success with you as you reach your goals. Practical advice can help you when you have to eat out in restaurants, have important events to attend or have a house full of people to cater for.

Who is the Jenny Craig weight loss program suitable for?

The Jenny Craig weight loss program is suitable for people who want to lose just a small amount of weight, as well as people who need to shed many pounds or kilos. The program is tailored to your needs, which means the adjustment will be much easier than if you have to conform to a rigid, mass-produced diet regime. By making small changes to your dietary habits and changing your relationship with food, the Jenny Craig program will allow you to lose weight in a responsible and sustainable way.

Once you start seeing results, your Consultant will encourage you to start making small changes to your activity level, which will further boost your weight loss. And once you have completed the Jenny Craig weight loss program and have reached your target weight, a carefully thought-out weight maintenance program will help you to keep the weight off in the future.


(Enjoy the Beef Lasange that's on the Jenny Craig program, pictured above. See the full menu here)

What foods will I be able to eat on the Jenny Craig weight loss program?

The principle behind the successful Jenny Craig weight loss program is that we feel that you should love the food you eat, and eat the food you love. Our delicious, ready-made meals and snacks cover a range of tastes and ingredients, which means you will be able to choose foods that you are happy to eat. Our menus include great-tasting foods made with reduced fat dairy products, whole grains, fresh vegetables, fruits, and lean meats. Fresh fruit, vegetables and low-fat dairy can be added to complete your daily meal plan.

As you progress on your weight loss journey, you will get the opportunity to start adding in your own foods made with our special recipes. That way, you will not have to rely on the Jenny Craig foods forever, and you will learn to select your own portion sizes and foods to maintain a healthy weight going forward.

What makes Jenny Craig so successful?

As well as the range of issues discussed above, the Jenny Craig method is also clinically proven to help people lose up to three times more weight than when they diet on their own. With delicious meals  inspired  by top chefs and menus which have been nutritionally tailored to provide you with a steady weight loss, you will be able to keep on track and succeed in losing the weight you want. There are even special diets for people with type II diabetes  and breastfeeding mums and people with certain dietary requirements, so why not take the first step today and contact one of the Jenny Craig team for a chat? You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to find a Jenny Craig centre in your area, and even if you are not lucky enough to have a centre nearby, there is the option of personal telephone support too.



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