Meal Plans For Weight Loss - An Overview Of Our Best Foods And Meals

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Jenny Craig Weight Loss Meal Plans Overview

With unnerving regularity, new dietary regimens are touted as miracle cures for the chronically overweight. Replete with slogans and catchy gimmicks, fad diet proponents boast weight reduction at record speeds, but as expected, unrealistic fad diets aren’t sustainable, being abandoned long before weight-loss targets are reached. Nevertheless, admission that it’s time to lose weight is a good starting point for weight loss, and with a common-sense approach to dieting, Jenny Craig weight loss meal plans will show you the positive, tailor-made dieting alternative.

Healthy weight loss takes the entire body into consideration. Weight loss shouldn’t equate to energy or strength-loss, and in fact, exercise is an important component of sustainable dieting where firm, sculpted muscle replaces unwanted fat or loose skin. Jenny Craig weight loss meal plans revolve around client needs, providing personalised programs to suit busy lifestyles. Jenny Craig can be a healthy-lifestyle catalyst to kick-start your weight loss, or if you prefer, your expert Jenny Craig Consultant can guide your weight loss journey until you are completely satisfied with your appearance and your ability to maintain target weight.


^Individual results may vary. (Discover Aaron's Success Story here)

What weight loss meals does Jenny Craig currently offer?

People often wonder about the secret behind Jenny Craig’s success. They expect to find some magical ingredient, appetite suppressant, or other dieting mystery only recently discovered by humans. The truth is, long before most fad diets came into being with their potions and lotions, Jenny Craig was serving delicious, portion controlled meals specially designed to help people slowly but surely lose weight without sacrificing dining pleasure. Current Jenny Craig offerings include:

  • Starter Plan provides a 12-week weight loss foundation including a tailored menu and activity plan designed by your personal consultant.
  • Signature Plan provides 12 months of consultancy support to ensure you are making steady progress and keeping on track.
  • Signature Plan plus offers an amazing 5 years of ongoing support that only a dedicated weight management coach can provide. In cases where weight gain has caused health problems, ongoing Jenny Craig guidance is a wise (and tasty) investment in your healthy future.

Every Jenny Craig meal plan is tailored to your specific needs, and with over 65 delicious menu items to choose from, even a dieting MasterChef would be impressed.

What are the best meals for weight loss?

Newcomers to Jenny Craig are relieved to be treated as individuals with needs and expectations to match. Although we all share similarities, it’s our differences that make us unique – a point understood by Jenny Craig Consultants. Real dieting starts with a weight loss meals plan designed specifically for you, along with a dietitian for guidance and inspiration along the way. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, sweets and snacks are all enjoyed in a Jenny Craig weight loss meals plan, where superfoods have long been staple ingredients used for achieving weight loss without unwanted hunger.

The truth is, long before most fad diets came into being with their potions and lotions, Jenny Craig was serving delicious, portion controlled meals specially designed to help people slowly but surely lose weight without sacrificing dining pleasure.

How many meals a day for weight loss?

Jenny Craig focuses on building healthy relationships by establishing sensible eating patterns. Healthy eating results in much more than weight loss, also encouraging proper organ function, blood flow, a sharper mind and increased energy courtesy of natural, vitamin and mineral enriched foodstuffs. Jenny Craig understands there is no substitute for pure food as a curative method, and our dietitians are on hand to guide your personalised food choices. By understanding portion and calorie control, Jenny Craig clients can eat up to 6 times per day, including sweets and snacks.


(Enjoy the Cottage Pie on the Jenny Craig program, pictured above. See the full menu here)

How many calories are required for weight loss?

Although no one is technically average, a ‘so-called’ average woman eating 2,000 calories per day will maintain her weight, while eating 1,500 calories per day will help her lose close to a kilo per week. As men are larger on average, their ideal calorie intake is also higher, although lots of factors need considering, including current weight, height, age, activities and general health.

Calories measure energy content contained in food and beverages, so it’s only natural that losing weight is achieved by burning more calories than you eat or drink. This is optimally achieved by following a weight loss meal plan designed by a specialist dietitian, taking the total you into consideration. When coupled with activities and exercise guidance, weight loss will progress hand in hand with increased vitality, a brighter appearance and a positive outlook toward a happy, healthy future.


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