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Jenny Craig Weight Loss Meals Delivered

Healthy weight loss is steadily achieved over time. Jenny Craig understands the relationship between dieting and health, providing vitamin and mineral enriched meals that sustain and increase energy levels even while a person is losing weight. Rapid weight loss fad diets come and go, but Jenny Craig has been providing consistent and life changing results since 1983, and the opportunity to have weight loss meals delivered is a convenient solution making dieting easier. Being overweight or obese can lead to restricted behaviour and even social phobias, so Jenny Craig Consultants treat every individual with respect and empathy, while providing encouragement and guidance for reaching weight loss targets.

A sensible diet plan is more beneficial than dramatic fasting or detox over time. The ‘all or nothing’ approach to dieting is often just a knee-jerk reaction to weight-gain dissatisfaction, and without proper guidance the chances of relapse into poor eating habits is almost guaranteed. It takes steady determination to diet successfully, and with the Jenny Craig support crew on your side there will always be encouragement, good advice, and an opportunity to celebrate weight loss milestones along the way. With more than 65 menu items to choose from, three meals per day to enjoy, plus snacks, Jenny Craig weight loss meal delivery is perfect for discreet, no fuss weight loss.


^Individual results may vary. (Discover Emma's Success Story here)

Does food combining work for weight loss?

Appropriate weight loss encourages healthy eating. Starving oneself is an unsustainable alternative, while focusing solely on so-called superfoods will not provide the necessary vitamins and minerals needed for sustained energy. Food combining is the weight loss solution, where menu ingredients are complimentary and enriched with life-giving nutrition, the Jenny Craig way. Losing .5kg to 1kg per week is sustainable, allowing dieters to function as usual without suffering hunger pangs, irritability or lack of energy. Jenny Craig menu selections are approved by qualified dietitians and endorsed by celebrity chefs, providing the encouragement and convenience required to commence a weight loss plan.

Weight loss meals delivered by Jenny Craig provide regularity, stability and certainty, all traits required for determined weight loss. Portion controlled, energy enriched meal delivery options include:

  • Starter plan: An inspirational 12-week weight loss foundation with tailored menu and activity plan personalised to suit your tastes, designed by a highly qualified Consultant.
  • Signature plan: Your Consultant becomes a guide and friend for 12 months of dedicated support, varied meal options, and the opportunity to learn new culinary skills.
  • Signature plan plus: Losing weight and keeping it off is easier with 5 years ongoing support from a dedicated Consultant, along with the convenience of weight loss meals delivery.

Losing weight isn’t always easy. There are physical and psychological challenges to overcome, and there is no shame is learning from the experts when you decide it’s time to make a weight loss meals delivery change for the better.

What is a healthy meal plan?

A healthy meal plan provides energy and vitality even while a person is undergoing weight loss. The first step for most people is to admit they need guidance and assistance, and the advice of a Jenny Craig Accredited Dietitian is the logical place to begin. Once you commence your Jenny Craig weight loss meal program, you will be assigned a personal Consultant for a weekly discussion of dieting progress, along with advice to assist weight loss outcomes. Reaching weight loss targets is only a matter of time under Jenny Craig guidance, and keeping weight off is just as easy by making appropriate lifestyle changes.

Losing weight isn’t always easy. There are physical and psychological challenges to overcome, and there is no shame is learning from the experts when you decide it’s time to make a weight loss meals delivery change for the better.

Unhealthy eating is a recipe for disaster. Overeating and associated health problems can quickly spiral out of control if remedial measures aren’t taken. Weight gain is often the result of years of physical neglect, and turning the corner toward good health should also be done slowly but surely. The changes won’t be noticeable overnight, but the scales don’t lie, and once you have commenced your Jenny Craig journey, improvements will be noticed on a weekly basis. Eating is the means to sustain the body, so a healthy eating plan includes activities that strengthen muscles and tone the body. Healthy eating plans include:

  • A healthy relationship with food including portion control and mindful eating habits
  • An active lifestyle with exercise increase according to weight, age and health
  • A balanced approach to living that encourages self-appraisal and behavioural changes


(Enjoy the Beef Lasange that's on the Jenny Craig program, pictured above. See the full menu here)

Healthy meal plans include knowledge about food groups along with the culinary skill-set required for meal ideas and dieting solutions. Jenny Craig is the complete weight loss package, satisfying the body and soul, while simultaneously teaching clients how to maintain weight targets, prepare great meals, exercise appropriately and appreciate a healthy relationship with food and beverages.

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