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Jenny Craig Weight Loss Meals Delivered – Diet

There are a lot of factors to consider prior to commencing a weight loss journey. As with most ambitions in life, getting started is the hardest part, and people need expert guidance to proceed with confidence. Dieting and weight loss is no exception, particularly for people who aren’t savvy regarding portion and calorie control, with most independent dieters setting themselves up for failure even before they begin. As busy lifestyles take over our time, the art of cooking is sacrificed, with unhealthy eating and weight gain the result – a situation Jenny Craig can help you change.

The alternative to fad diets is having Jenny Craig weight loss meals delivered that provide results. Jenny Craig has been transforming Australian eating habits for decades, empowering members with guidance, resources and delicious weight loss meals delivered right to your door. Dieters require confidence, commitment and convenience that only Jenny Craig provides by offering portion and calorie controlled meals and one-on-one consultations with their Jenny Craig Consultant each week. By removing diet-associated stress, Jenny Craig Dietitians and Consultants allow you to appreciate every step of the weight loss journey, without sacrificing taste, satisfaction and zest for life.


^Individual results may vary. (Discover Graham's Success Story here)

How often do my meals get delivered?

Jenny Craig ready-made meals are frozen or dry-stored ready for use to be delivered at your convenience. With more than 104 centres across Australia and New Zealand, convenient meal collection or home delivery options are available. People who prefer home delivery are not left out of the Jenny Craig loop, with ongoing weekly consultations for advice and suggestions moving forward. With more than 65 calorie and portion controlled menu items on offer, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack, Jenny Craig meal delivery makes perfect sense.

When to start your weight loss journey?

The idea of losing weight is both exciting and frightening for most people. Beloved foodstuffs are difficult to abandon as they often provide a sense of security to people, and many try and fail repeatedly with inappropriate diet extremes prior to admitting they need professional guidance. Jenny Craig Consultants and Dietitians are on hand to assist when the time is right for you. We understand your reluctance and fear of change, so rather than thrusting you immediately into weight loss mode, we first get to know you as a person, along with your weight loss aspirations and expectations. Once armed with knowledge and backed by the assistance of our dedicated staff, you are ready to start your weight loss journey.

With more than 65 calorie and portion controlled menu items on offer, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack, Jenny Craig meal delivery makes perfect sense.

How to portion food for weight loss?

Food portioning can be a major challenge for people wanting to lose weight. It’s easy to restrain oneself for a day or two, but when temptations arise or enthusiasm wanes, the weight loss wheels generally fall off the wagon. Having Jenny Craig meals delivered avoids these difficulties and a whole lot more by taking the guesswork out of your dieting equation. All our ready-made meals are portion and calorie controlled, taking your present weight, age and physical activity levels into consideration, ensuring your home delivered weight loss meals are tailored just for you. The meals are packed full of goodness that sustains energy and promotes vitality, even while you are losing weight.


(Enjoy the Honey Soy Beef that's on the Jenny Craig program, pictured above. See the full menu here)

How to combine foods for weight loss?

Weight loss is serious business at Jenny Craig, but we make it enjoyable. Your weekly consultation is an opportunity to experience new taste sensations and broaden cuisine choices. All Jenny Craig menu items have been formulated by Accredited Practising Dietitians, guaranteeing your food choices are nutritionally balanced as well as tasting great to achieve weight loss goals. There are times when expert guidance is the only way forward; a situation exacerbated by the information age, where unqualified individuals may promote all sorts of unhealthy activities. With a long history of weight loss success, Jenny Craig remains the viable alternative for people who want to combine the right food groups for maximum healthy eating along with weight loss.

Which food is good for weight loss?

Contrary to popular belief, most fresh food is suitable for weight loss when prepared properly and served in appropriate portions. Jenny Craig nutritionists and chefs use wholefood ingredients to create delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack menu items that satisfy and provide energy-giving staying power. We love good food as much as anyone and promote dining pleasure, dietary education, and provide emotional support to ensure you stay on track even after your personalised Jenny Craig journey is complete.

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