Which Weight Loss Plan is Right For Me?

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Finding the right weight loss plan

Finding the right weight loss plan for you can be tricky. You’re concerned about your health. Perhaps you just want to get back into your old jeans? Maybe you’re aiming to reach your pre-baby weight again? Or you just want to kick off that last stubborn 5 kilos. Whatever your motivation, we can make it simple, because we take your health goals just as seriously as you do.

Our supportive consultants understand how much of a maze it can be finding a weight loss plan that is right for you. That’s why at Jenny Craig we want to partner with you to help tailor and build a weight loss plan as unique as you. We’ll do the hard work so you can focus on shedding those kilos. After all, we know one size doesn’t fit all.

What you’ll learn

Through a weight loss plan we’ll teach you how to have a successful relationship with food. You’ll be shown how to combine food and lifestyle to ensure you’re geared for success in the long term. That way, when you have reached your weight loss goal, you know the lessons to apply to keep it off. And it’s why our plans have proven to be more successful in the long term.

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^Individual results may vary. (Discover Lara's Success Story here)

So, why partner with Jenny Craig?

We will offer you the utmost support through your journey, because we understand this isn’t always easy.

-You will work with a personal weight loss consultant that will guide you weekly throughout this life-changing journey.

-We’ll plan your weekly menu to include a range of great tasting meals that we provide for you. These have been designed to fit your specific needs – and just as importantly, your lifestyle. You will also enjoy delicious snacks to keep you going throughout the day to help keep hunger at bay.

-Once you’ve made great progress (and you will when following the program), we will help you transition away from ready-made meals and learn how to cook while maintaining your weight. You’ll learn the lessons to lose the weight and keep it off.

Let us show you how enjoying food (while staying healthy) can still be exciting!

It’s hard to keep healthy eating on track when you’re busy. That’s why at Jenny Craig we know the end result of a great weight loss plan is one that teaches you to have a healthy relationship with food.

We all love socialising with our family and friends and food is usually at the centre of that. You should still look forward to these times – but once you finish your weight loss plan you’ll confidently gauge your portion size, and apply sensible eating habits to help you eat thoughtfully.

Our plans will help you take into account all those special times too. This means you won’t need to worry about losing sight of your goals during the festive season, Easter or your birthday. Instead, we’ll help you celebrate and stay on track.

You'll learn the lessons to lose the weight and keep it off 

Rediscover that your body is your temple

Physical activity is a key part to long-term success for any weight loss plan. However, we don’t expect you to start with running a 10km marathon if exercise hasn’t been a regular part of your life. Instead, your consultant will look at slowly increasing your activity through a mixture of:

-Everyday activities (like light cleaning, walking your kids to school, vacuuming between your favourite TV shows – and even shopping!).

-Scheduled exercise (as simple as walking, or maybe even dancing, yoga or pilates)

-Playful activities (remember don’t just sit and watch the kids – join them, throw a Frisbee, go dancing instead of watching a movie, or swap coffee with friends to a walk instead).

It doesn’t need to be strenuous, but it should be consistent. After all, adding movement to your lifestyle is what separates long-term success from weight regain.

When it comes to effective weight loss, your mind is your best asset

Motivation is the most important step when it comes to beginning a weight loss journey. It’s the critical link that moves you into action. For everyone that reason is different – but no less important. But, a healthier you relies on a positive mind, proving it’s not just about your body.

The great news is you’ve already taken the first step.

You’ve identified a new personal goal to achieve. Which is where we can partner you with a personal weight loss plan. During your time we’ll teach you how to stay positive and focused. We’ll coach you through individual One-on-One consultations – this is where it’s all about you. Your dedicated consultant will guide you with your personalised menu. Then, they’ll talk you through your challenges.

During this time you’ll also be shown the best strategies to avoid using food to help balance your emotions. This will instil confidence in you. But importantly, we’ll have the energy (if the day comes that you don’t) to remind you what you said at your very first consultation. We don’t want you to give up. And, we want you to stay focused on why you’re here so you don’t lose sight of your goals along the way, because you are getting results.

Together, we will get you to your goal weight. Along the way all your successes will be celebrated – no matter how big or small. And by the time you’re tackling this one on your own, you’ll have developed a relationship with food like never before.

Your fears will have dissolved. Instead you’ll know what drives you. You’ll be passionate and energetic, but most importantly, you’ll believe you can. Because you will have proved you can. Now to us, that’s a life changing mindset.

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(Enjoy the pumpkin spinach pizza that's on the Jenny Craig program, pictured above. View our full menu here)

How long do I need to stay on the program?

The time you spend on a Jenny Craig weight loss plan is as individual as you. It will be determined by how much weight you’d like to lose and your own personal goals. Our plans are fully customisable and will be tailored to fit your needs and achieve your goal weight.


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