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Jenny Craig Best Weight Loss Plans

You’ve decided that a weight loss plan is the best way for you to lose weight. Good decision! But of all of those available, how are you to know which are the best weight loss plans? Which ones actually work? Which weight loss plan will leave you with enough energy to do your job effectively, play your sport to the standard you are used to, and socialise with your friends while you’re shedding kilos?

They are all very good questions and the answers are the key to embarking upon a weight loss journey that will give you the results you want.


^Individual results may vary. (Discover Emma's Success Story here)

What are the best weight loss plans?

You’ve most likely tried different fad diets over the years and most people’s experience is that while they may lose weight while on the diet, they can feel lethargic and moody and once they return to their old eating habits they put the weight back on. That is not a weight loss plan, it is a short-term, punishing attempt to drop a few kilos.

The weight loss plans that teach you how to eat well, live a healthy, active lifestyle, lose weight and provide you with strategies to keep the weight off for life are the best weight loss plans. Weight loss plans such as Jenny Craig’s that provide you with a dedicated support person are the best, because they recognise that accountability in weight loss is one of the keys to success.

While you are on a Jenny Craig weight loss plan you are gradually learning how to incorporate your own foods into the menu while staying within the calorie and portion control guidelines. You are learning how to make healthy food choices on a daily basis, whether you are cooking at home or dining out with friends. You are preparing for a future beyond your controlled weight loss meal plan and a time when you can make good food choices without the guidance and support of your Jenny Craig Consultant.

The weight loss plans that teach you how to eat well, live a healthy, active lifestyle, lose weight and provide you with strategies to keep the weight off for life are the best weight loss plans.

What is the best weight loss plan for you?

Everyone’s body, metabolism and lifestyle is different and we all gain or lose weight at different rates.

The best weight loss plan for you is one that is tailored to you taking into account your health, age, gender, lifestyle and your level of activity. It is designed to provide you with the best nutrition and the right calories and portion sizes to get you to your optimum weight and keep you there.

If you are someone who finds it hard to say no to food, the best weight loss plan for you is one which provides a Consultant who will meet with you regularly and support you through your weight loss journey.

What are the best weight loss plans for women?

Historically women are the nurturers in society. Women typically put their needs last. The needs of your family, children, job, friends, parents, partner all often come before your own, especially when it comes to diet and exercise. Women often don’t seek the support they need to achieve their goals, they simply set their own goals aside.

For this reason, the best weight loss plans for women are ones that are:

  • convenient and easy to stick to;
  • include personal support, motivation and guidance;
  • make your mealtimes easier;
  • deliver results and provide incentives to continue your weight loss journey until you reach your target weight.

Women have the added challenge of hormonal changes occurring during pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and menopause which can affect appetite and negatively impact upon their weight. Jenny Craig offers a weight loss plan for mothers to commence six weeks after childbirth, even while they are breastfeeding.


(Enjoy BBQ Pulled Pork from the Jenny Craig menu, pictured above. See the full menu here)

What are the best weight loss plans for vegetarians?

Jenny Craig weight loss meal plans are designed by Accredited Practising Dietitians, so you can be assured that your meals are nutritionally balanced.

For some vegetarians the exclusion of meat from their diet can result in protein and mineral deficiencies, unless those nutrients have been replaced by alternative sources. Jenny Craig offers a variety of vegetarian meals on their vegetarian menus and they come with vitamin and mineral supplements to ensure you meet your dietary requirements. The products are not vegan however, and they may contain dairy, egg or animal-derived enzymes.

Some of the delicious vegetarian meals on the Jenny Craig lunch menu are vegetable lasagne, creamy vegetable soup, cheesy baked potato, roasted vegetable pizza, bean and cheese burrito, pasta verde and cheesy pesto pasta.

For dinner, Jenny Craig’s vegetarian menu includes spinach and ricotta cannelloni, creamy vegetable pappardelle, macaroni cheese, vegetable tikka masala with paneer cheese and Asian-style vegetable fried rice.

Whatever your gender or chosen lifestyle, Jenny Craig will tailor your weight loss plan so that it is the best plan for you.

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