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Eating on the Jenny Craig Weight Loss Plan

When you embark on a weight loss plan you expect there to be a lot of foods you will no longer be allowed to eat. There goes dessert, pastries, pasta and all the yummy things you love, right? Wrong! On a Jenny Craig weight loss plan you can still eat some of the things you’ve always felt guilty about enjoying, because the secret to weight loss is in finding a sustainable way to eat a healthy and nutritious diet which is portion and calorie controlled.

Eating meals you enjoy and losing weight is achievable when eating the meals created by Jenny Craig’s Accredited Practising Dietitians and prepared by their professional chefs because they are nutritionally balanced, and also calorie and portion controlled.

They are also specifically designed so that you feel satisfied and don’t ever feel hungry while on your meal plan, therefore you are unlikely to lapse from the plan and resort to binge eating foods that are detrimental to weight loss.


^Individual results may vary. (Discover Sophie's Success Story here)

What can you eat on a weight loss plan?

You can eat many delicious and tasty foods, when you commence a Jenny Craig weight loss plan. Surprisingly, you can enjoy foods like date and maple porridge, toasted berry muesli or wholemeal pancakes along with many other equally delicious choices for breakfast.

Can you be tempted by cheesy pesto pasta, roasted vegetable pizza or vegetable lasagne for lunch? Of course you can, and that’s ok because these foods are part of a meal plan designed to deliver exactly the right amount of nutrition and calories to enable you to reach your goal weight.

It’s hard to believe, but you can lose weight by eating foods you enjoy such as fried rice, cottage pie or Thai green chicken curry for dinner - followed by dessert. Yes, dessert! You can still enjoy a chocolate pudding, a sticky date pudding or perhaps an apple crumble might be more to your liking. If dessert isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other snacks including veggie crisps, cheesy popcorn or BBQ bites. These are just some of many tasty and nutritious Jenny Craig meals and snacks you can eat while losing weight.

It’s hard to believe, but you can lose weight by eating foods you enjoy such as fried rice, cottage pie or Thai green chicken curry for dinner - followed by dessert. Yes, dessert!

What foods can’t you eat on a weight loss plan?

The Jenny Craig approach to weight loss is that all foods can fit in your diet if eaten in moderation. For example, if you were eating out with friends, Jenny Craig will teach you how to choose the healthier options on the menu and how much is the right quantity for you to eat.

It’s important to learn how to make the best food choices in all circumstances so that eating well becomes a way of life and a choice that you happily embrace. That way, the weight you lose will not creep back on over time.

How can a weight loss plan improve eating habits?

Jenny Craig’s weight loss meal plans are specially formulated, nutritionally balanced and based on the National Dietary Guidelines for Australia and New Zealand. Accredited Practising Dietitians design the menus and professional chefs prepare them, ensuring you have the ultimate healthy meal choices available to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

While you are following your weight loss meal plan you are learning what healthy portion sizes are and what constitutes a nutritionally balanced diet. This is a valuable lesson in how to make good food choices and form healthy eating habits for life.

Many poor food choices are simply bad habits, and once you retrain your brain into recognising what foods are nutritionally beneficial and taste good, you won’t want to resort to old habits.


(Enjoy Cottage Pie from the Jenny Craig menu, pictured above. See the full menu here)

How can you lose weight by eating?

Not eating causes the body to go into survival mode, resorting to drastic measures to protect itself. If you are starving yourself, whatever you do eat will then go straight to the body’s fat stores – in case there is no more food coming! Obviously, you want your food to be converted to energy which is utilised effectively by the body, not stored in fat cells.

Eating a calorie controlled diet and the right portion sizes means that your body will be provided with the optimum amount of fuel to operate effectively and allow your body to convert the right amounts into energy.

The perfect way to eat yourself to a slimmer you is to embark upon a weight loss journey with Jenny Craig where calorie-controlled, nutritious and delicious meals can be specially tailored to suit your body.

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