Does Jenny Craig have a guide to help me plan my weight loss?

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Helping you plan your weight loss

With 34 years' experience, Jenny Craig is one of the biggest assisted weight management companies in the world.

At Jenny Craig we know the balance between our food and personal consultants has resulted in the success of thousands of clients, every year. When it comes to a plan for weight loss we don’t leave much to chance.

All your meals are planned (with you) and provided, ready-made for you.

And, we don’t take a ‘one sizes fits all’ approach. Instead, careful consideration is given to your lifestyle, goals and any special requirements that need to be factored in.

We also develop a plan to maximise your healthy habits by providing mental wellbeing and exercise tips and information. 

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^Individual results may vary. (Discover Success Stories here)

At Jenny Craig we specialise in guiding and helping you plan weight loss and your journey to a healthier, happier new you.

Whether you’re looking to shed a few kilos to get ready for a special occasion, or your goal is to make a more substantial change to your life, we can tailor a weight loss plan to meet all your needs.

Each plan has been devised to achieve a safe, average weight loss of ½ to 1 kilo per week. Of course, these results can fluctuate based on a number of factors such as your prior weight history, physical activity levels, body composition and your motivation – just to name a few.

Our trained Consultants will continue to tailor (and adjust) your weight loss plan, to ensure you can achieve your goals

You’ll start with a weight loss plan, but end up with a new lifestyle

The foundation of our program is about so much more than just a healthy relationship with nutrition, the body and your mind. This is because the foundation of our program is based on partnerships, support and commitment.

We will become the person in your life that sometimes you just can’t be. It has also been proven to work, that’s why clients following our weight loss plans can lose up to three times more weight, than just dieting alone published in Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

There are many ways your weekly visits to Jenny Craig can take place. For best results, a visit to your closest centre will help you focus on your goals. There are over 100 centres across Australia and New Zealand conveniently located for your needs.

But, if you’re pushed for time, your Consultant can call you on a weekly basis. Either way, our trained Consultants will continue to tailor (and adjust) your weight loss plan, to ensure you can achieve your goals.

If this sounds like the weight loss plan you have been searching for, and you want to take advantage of the world-renowned programs that Jenny Craig has to offer, simply make your appointment with a Consultant at the local Jenny Craig Centre.

What about my own food?

When you start your weight loss plan, you will enjoy a fully planned Jenny Craig menu filled with tasty ready-made meals and snacks.

In time, you will be given the flexibility to create your own foods and recipes. Through this process you'll gain independence, which enables you to maintian a healthy weight on your own.

Plan Your Weight Loss with Jenny Craig

(Pictured above is an example of a day in the life on a Jenny Craig program. View our full menu here) 

Is there an additional plan to support me once I have hit my goal weight?

At Jenny Craig we think you should determine your ‘end date’.

That’s why we have developed a range of weight loss plans to support you through your weight loss.

Once you have completed and achieved your individual goals you do not have to come off the plan. Instead, you’ll learn how to master weight maintenance with the continued support of your consultant.

During this time, you will learn everything you need to know to keep at the healthy weight you have obtained. This is one of the main reasons why our weight loss program works best.

Of course, continuing with a weight maintenance plan comes with no obligation. Over the duration of the weight loss plan, you will gain valuable information on how to maintain your success from your consultant.

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Weight Loss with Jenny Craig

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