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How To start a weight loss plan?

You’ve read every magazine, seen all the blogs, dabbled with fad, quick-fix diets, tried counting kilojoules and still you haven’t found something that’s worked for you. You’ve probably seen some success along the way, but, you haven’t been able to find the magic formula to grant you long-term success.

At Jenny Craig we understand why!

We know that balancing a career and family life isn’t easy. Then, somewhere amongst all the things that you have to attend to everyday, there needs to be a way to look after yourself. But more often than not – you don’t.

Are you tired of feeling unhappy about the way you feel and approach food?

Or maybe you want to diet but just don’t enjoy exercise and can’t muster up the energy or find the time to fit it in.

The thought of eating low carb, no sugar, bland, ‘raw’ food is just so completely uninspiring?

Is this sounding too familiar?

If you’re sick of fighting with the scales, winning small battles instead of the war, then Jenny Craig’s weight loss plans could be everything you’ve been searching for. And we’d like to congratulate you on taking the first and most critical step. You’ve identified something you want to fix and you’re serious about this life changing decision.  And now the next question is how to start a weight loss plan?

How to Start a Weight Loss Plan_Discover Brant's Success Story

^Individual results may vary. (Discover Brant's Success Story here)

I think Jenny Craig is for me, what now?

Our clients tell us time and time again, they thought a Jenny Craig weight loss plan would be “really hard.” But, once they get started, it couldn’t have been easier. What’s more, they gain some confidence, each client becomes more adventurous with their activity levels, meal planning and approach to socialising.

Here’s how to start a weight loss plan with Jenny Craig with these easy steps.

-Step 1

Firstly, we’ll find a place to chat. It could be on the phone or at one of 100 plus weight loss centres around Australia and New Zealand. There you will meet your Consultant, and together a personalised program and menu plan will be created for you.

-Step 2

After that, you will commence weekly One-on-One support sessions. During this time you will begin working towards your personal weight loss plan, whilst achieving a holistic approach to your food, body and mind. And importantly, you will collect your meals for the next week. If you can’t get to a centre, you can discuss delivery options with us.

You will enjoy three meals and snacks every day, all portioned to achieve your weight loss goals. Each Jenny Craig meal plan meets the National Dietary Guidelines of Australia and New Zealand. Our nutrition team has worked hard to ensure our menus and delicious, portion-controlled meals achieve the optimal nutritional balance of carbohydrates, protein and good fats with plenty of fruits and veggies. Your weekly menu will become a vital contributor to your weight loss success and healthier lifestyle makeover.

You will enjoy three meals and snacks every day, all portioned to achieve your weight loss goals

Who said dieting couldn’t be fun?

Don’t you dream of enjoying a chef prepared meal every night? Especially, a meal you didn’t have to think about!  Our weight loss plans ensure you’ll still eat your favourite foods, just a healthier version. Better still, you’ll eat six times a day, with each serve perfectly proportioned for successful weight loss. And the best part is each meal you select has been designed by a dietitian and inspired by chefs. Which means, while you’re doing all the hard work, the most difficult choice you’ll have to make is what time to enjoy your meals.

How to Start a Weight Loss Plan_Chef Inspired Cottage pie

(Enjoy the Chef Inspired cottage pie meal by Tobie Puttock that's on the Jenny Craig program, pictured above. See our full menu here)

Let us share some tips that we’ve learnt about successful weight loss plans along the way?

At the beginning of a weight loss journey, so many clients are perplexed, frustrated and often defeated. So, our weight loss plans begin with creating a partnership. We believe a plan has to incorporate your diet, body – and mind. And, we can support you every step of the way. In addition, we’ll teach you some extra secrets of success like these to help keep that weight off for good.

-Cleanse your home

That’s right a full detox!! Don’t make temptation easy. Spot those kilojoule intruders in the fridge, pantry (and even your office drawer). Chuck them in the bin – let them be a ‘waste’ not on your waist!

-Find the right meal plan

Do fad foods, extreme diet choices, and restrictive menus sound fun? Historically they have proven to be unsuccessful. That’s because they are expensive, not easy to find, and often time intensive to prepare. Then, as soon as life gets busy this is incredibly hard to sustain. During your Jenny Craig journey you’ll see just how sustainable our weight loss plans are, which will help you avoid being tempted by the next quick fix.

-A slight detour isn’t the end of the journey

If you’ve had a slip up, it’s just that. Don’t be disheartened, just because you’ve lost focus at one meal or for one snack, it doesn’t mean everything is doomed. You simply need to acknowledge that it represents only an hour in your entire journey. So pick yourself up, dust off and get right back on track – because we’re still here to help, without any judgement, just pure determination to see you succeed.

If you’re nodding saying yes, yes, yes to feeling certain, positive and victorious – the answer is simple, we’ll teach you how to start a weight loss plan. It’s time to join Jenny Craig and together let’s discover a whole new you!  

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