What weight loss plans does Jenny Craig offer?

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You’ve decided a healthier, happier you is your main aim. That’s awesome, you have taken the first and most important step. So, where too from here?

Our weight loss plans positively transform lifestyles teaching you healthy habits around three key areas of success – food, support and lifestyle.

You’ll learn how to have a healthy relationship with food, whilst maintaining an active lifestyle, to create a holistic and balanced approach to loving life.

Our team of accredited practising dietitians create our weight loss plans with a proven track record for success.

Through our understanding and research we know successful weight loss doesn’t happen in the blink of an eye. Instead it takes preparation, practice, patience and perseverance.

Our greatest success stories have come from clients who plan what they’ll eat, and how to work activity into their weekly schedule. It’s this combination of factors that inspire your journey and allow you to maintain a healthy new lifestyle. We believe an effective weight loss plan should be just as simple as that.

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^Individual results may vary. (Discover Ben's Success Story here)

Why is dieting alone harder than on Jenny Craig

Unlike dieting alone, our program offers a personalised, friendly consultant who will be with you every step of the way. Our consultants listen to you and your specific needs and lifestyle and tailor a program for you. After all, unless it’s right for you and your family, it will never work.

One-on-One Consultations

No matter which program you select it all begins with a private consultation where we learn about you – your goals, your fears, and your ambitions. This can be done at one of our local centres, or over the phone. After all, we want this to be at your convenience.

Together, we’ll design a personalised weight loss plan for you. This will include a strategy that has been tailored just for you, and something your consultant will take care of. Then, after learning about what you like to eat, your lifestyle and any specific dietary requirements you’ll begin your personalised plan.

Delicious food that will surprise you

Our structured menus are completely customised to your specific situation taking into account your age, height, gender and level of physical activity. You’ll begin with a selection of ready-made Jenny Craig meals and snacks, all you’ll need to do is add your favourite fresh fruit and vegetables and dairy products.

As you reach half way we’ll teach you how to plan meals on your own. You’ll start cooking - and we’ll teach you how easy it is to make positive changes in the kitchen.

This will ensure when you’re ready to transition to the next part of the program. You’ll be more confident selecting the right foods, more relaxed about your menu choices and more knowledgeable about your portions sizes (whether you are home or away).

Maintaining the distance

Our weight loss plans don’t end when you reach your goal weight. Instead, you can also go through a maintenance plan and your Jenny Craig team will still be there supporting you during this often daunting phase.

You’ll complete your own menu plans, go shopping and buy the food, then cook your meals.

By this stage you will be able to see that you can do it, because you’ve learnt the secrets to healthy habits along the way.

Our team of accredited practising dietitians create our weight loss plans with a proven track record for success

Weight Loss Plan_Honey Soy Beef

(Enjoy honey soy beef that's on the Jenny Craig program, pictured above. See our full menu here)

Choose from 3 effective and affordable weight loss plans

We’ve kept it simple for you, with three core weight loss plans. All you have to do is pick the one that best suits you. Then, leave the rest up to us, and we’ll tailor it all to fit.


1) Starter Plan

- 12-week starter plan is designed to give you a great foundation for your journey.

- It includes a personalised menu and activity plan.

- One-on-One consultations that we believe are the cornerstone of success. During these appointments you will come in for a weekly consultation to discuss your progress, and see if any alterations are required. Of course, you can also contact one of our Jenny Craig Consultants over the phone, or meet at one of our centres.


2) Signature Plan

- 12 months of support

- You’ll receive all the benefits of the Starter plan … plus:

- Unlimited consultations during your membership – something our clients find extremely rewarding. A lot happens in a year. You’ll learn how to handle a whole host of tricky situations that crop up in everyday life – such as celebrations, the festive season, holidays, when you’re unwell, changes in your family, or just when life throws you a curve ball.

- We’ll also share recipes, health and wellbeing information and newsletters along the way, so you can stay on top of everything we have to share.


3) Signature Plus Plan

- 5 years of continued support.

- You’ll receive the same benefits as our Starter and Signature plan, but with the commitment and support of a long-term weight management coach.

- This option is here for our clients that know their success will be maximised with a long-term partner dedicated to keeping their journey on track. And importantly, to ensure their goals are always modified and achieved as time and their circumstances change. What could be better than having someone to do your worrying for you?

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