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Jenny Craig Weight Loss – Post Pregnancy

It’s said by many people that a woman is most beautiful while pregnant. However, post pregnancy weight loss is often desired by mothers whose bodies have changed during pregnancy and childbirth. Some women bounce back from pregnancy relatively unhindered from weight issues, but everyone is different, and other mothers need to master weight loss techniques to get back in shape.

Jenny Craig weight loss programs are ideal for post pregnancy weight loss, where steady, incremental reduction is supported by kilojoule controlled, convenient and pre-prepared meals, along with knowledgeable support whenever required.


^Individual results may vary. (See how Leesa lost 33kg here)

Do post pregnancy diet and health programs work?

In a world of information overload, where unqualified novices masquerade as health and diet experts, it’s important to sort the myth from fact. The correct path should lead to healthy eating choices along with moderation of routines and activities to support diet objectives. With proper eating and exercise habits, the mental approach to weight loss also becomes stronger, making it easier to maintain post pregnancy weight loss targets. Jenny Craig initiatives include:

  • A complete overview of the Jenny Craig experience and program options

  • Your own dedicated Jenny Craig Consultant for the duration of the weight loss journey

  • Meal plans designed according to height, weight, age and other considerations, including breastfeeding

  • All meal plans personally tailored for portion and kilojoule controlled weight loss

  • Ready-made meals for maximum weight loss dining convenience

  • The support of the entire Jenny Craig family of successful weight loss clients

Jenny Craig weight loss programs are ideal for post pregnancy weight loss, where steady, incremental reduction is supported by kilojoule controlled, convenient and pre-prepared meals, along with knowledgeable support whenever required.

Will weight loss reverse post pregnancy changes?

There is no doubting the effect that pregnancy and childbirth has on a woman’s body. Some change is inevitable, but acceptance of an unsatisfactory appearance isn’t the only solution. Developments in cosmetic procedures, for example, provide many treatments compatible with diet and weight loss, while there is still no substitute for healthy exercise and lifestyle choices moving forward. There are a lot of ways Jenny Craig clients benefit from long-term weight loss initiatives, including the following.

A healthy relationship with food: Eating involves a lot of factors including the food itself, the body, the mind, awareness, taste, satisfaction, satiation and more, so eating food we enjoy remains a priority even while dieting. At Jenny Craig, you can continue eating the foods you love, while simultaneously exploring new cuisines and dining options from more than 65 delicious menu choices.

An active lifestyle: It’s well known that when weight loss is coupled by a moderate increase in exercise there is a far greater chance of keeping weight off. Extreme diets that result in weakness or emaciation should be avoided in favour of weight loss programs that help reduce fat and improve lean body mass to recapture a younger, more vibrant look.

A balanced approach to living: There are a lot of factors in life that are out of our control, but our own mistakes aren’t necessarily included in that category. Reclaiming former appearance also involves re-establishing cognitive awareness for a positive mindset and confidence to achieve goals. Change starts from within for you to appreciate, while everyone else will notice your whole new effulgent and healthy appearance.


(Enjoy Cranberry & Vanilla Muesli for breakfast from the Jenny Craig menu, pictured above. See the full menu here)

How much weight should I lose post pregnancy?

With a Jenny Craig weight loss program, the number of kilos you lose is totally up to you. We provide the program, the support and the guidance to relieve you of dieting stress associated with weight loss failure, while also helping you transition to self-reliant and inspired food preparation and meal options.

Naturally, post pregnancy weight loss shouldn’t be commenced until at least six weeks postpartum, and slow, incremental steps will provide the most rewarding results for everyone concerned. For example, a small reduction of a half kilo per week adds up to approximately a 12kg weight loss in 6 months, without undue stress and with obvious results for all to see.

How can weight loss amounts be planned?

Jenny Craig weight loss programs are personally tailored using precise calculations to determine kilojoule intake, along with absorption of essential vitamins and minerals for healthy weight loss and increased energy levels. The holistic approach involving food, body and mind encourages a positive weight loss attitude even when temptations arise, along with the ability to overcome obstacles that inevitably arise along the way. Incremental weight loss adds up fast, with Jenny Craig clients consistently reporting successful transitions that anyone can appreciate.

With Jenny Craig, you have an entire team of diet and weight loss experts and dedicated Consultants on your side. With the input of weight loss industry professionals, exacting science, and empathetic Consultants ready to support your cause, post pregnancy weight loss doesn’t cause disruption while adjusting to new family dynamics. While it’s exciting to see the changes a baby goes through, it’s also exciting to adapt to changing routines with post pregnancy weight loss for improved looks, health, and enjoyable bonding between mother and child.

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