The Exercises That Can Help You Lose Weight After Your Pregnancy!

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Jenny Craig Weight Loss – Post Pregnancy Exercise

Most new mothers are usually deprived of sleep and too overwhelmed with responsibilities to even consider exercise. That’s perfectly natural, as women’s postpartum bodies aren’t ready for serious exercise until at least six weeks after giving birth. There will come a time, however, when your drive and determination to get back in shape returns, and there are some simple post-pregnancy exercise solutions that can steadily reverse weight gain. Experts agree that the best way to lose weight effectively and safely is by combining exercise with an appropriate post-pregnancy diet plan.


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What exercises can help you lose weight post-pregnancy?

Initial post-pregnancy weight loss exercise can be as simple as a walk around the block. It will feel good to get oxygen and blood flow moving, and the benefits of light morning sunshine and fresh air are universally appreciated. Mothers who are accustomed to regular exercise can make a return to light cardio-based workouts within a month or two, while all mums are encouraged to get moving in any way that tests muscles and improves flexibility.

Exercise can be as simple as basic housework or a little gardening, while your new baby relaxes nearby. At Jenny Craig, exercise is an important component of weight loss, and your personal Consultant will guide you with planned and spontaneous activities designed to complement your diet plan. Dieting is about losing weight, although muscle will be diminished along with fat, so exercise will fill out the curves and tone your skin even during weight loss.

When can you start exercising post-pregnancy?

Most mothers naturally lose weight during the first six months after giving birth, although everyone sheds weight at their own pace. After age 25, a person’s metabolism begins to slow down, and it’s harder to burn calories naturally. Jenny Craig meals are protein rich and low in fat, allowing dieters to lose weight without diminished energy levels, providing dieters with the motivation needed to add a little exercise into the weight loss mix. The more you move, the more your metabolism will fire-up, and you will burn more calories easily.

The amount of weight gained during pregnancy will determine your weight loss objectives. For example, if you have gained 10kg during a year of pregnancy and motherhood, you should dedicate at least six months toward losing fat, gaining muscle and increasing overall levels of fitness. Your body needs plenty of rest and the right nutrition for optimum recovery, so no matter how determined you are to lose weight, you shouldn’t commence a rigid diet or vigorous exercise for at least six weeks postpartum, and longer for those who are recovering from a C-section or complicated pregnancies and childbirth.

 At Jenny Craig, exercise is an important component of weight loss, and your personal Consultant will guide you with planned and spontaneous activities designed to complement your diet plan.

What exercises can help you lose weight quickly?

Weight that has accumulated for months or years can’t be removed in a day. Weight loss goals are incremental and hardly noticed until compliments from friends and family start coming your way. Your exercise should encourage a healthy, long-term approach, where emotional wellbeing is considered as important as physical appearances. If you have been avoiding exercise for a long time, it’s best to start with a beginner’s exercise program in consultation with Jenny Craig experts. For additional surety, get the all-clear from your doctor first.

Here are some easy ways to get started without needing to hit the gym:   

  • Go for a walk around the yard or visit the local park

  • Try a little gardening for some basic bending, stretching and lifting

  • Put your favourite music on and recapture your groove

  • Go for a bicycle ride to strengthen muscles and improve oxygen flow

  • Leave the car at home while visiting friends and shops nearby

  • Appreciate simple yoga and breathing exercises that benefit the body and mind


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What are some good ways to exercise with your new baby?

The human body has amazing capacity for adapting to exercise and lifestyle changes. Jenny Craig weight loss programs are ideally coupled with exercise wherever possible for superior results. Although babies are delicate and require assistance 24/7, they are also much more adaptable than many moms realise. Baby’s need rest, but they also require stimulation and variety so they don’t get irritable, and it’s worth exploring ways your child can accompany you during weight loss activities.

Suggestions include:

  • Perform simple squats with your baby in a front-carrier sling

  • Lay down a comfortable mat for mum and baby and do basic yoga and stretching

  • Try child-friendly lunges, leg-lifts and baby kiss-ups for creative, safe bonding

  • Go for a walk with baby in a sling or stroller. Older babies can adapt to jogging strollers

  • Share responsibilities with your partner or caregiver so you can appreciate me-time

  • Check out local postpartum classes. Meet local mums just like yourself and get inspired

  • Entertain your baby with games, toys and fun activities for learning and adventure

Every new mum needs to sacrifice time and energy so their child will grow strong and healthy. With Jenny Craig weight loss, you can also regain optimum health and energy, while simultaneously reclaiming the body you had prior to pregnancy and childbirth.

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