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Jenny Craig Weight Loss – Post Pregnancy Plan

Being a new mum results in a lot of sudden changes to priorities. Snuggling with your baby is the number one priority, but other adjustments to your life may or may not be so welcome. Emotions ride high at times and fulfilling home and work obligations can be a logistical nightmare at first. It’s a busy and exciting time when a new member of the family arrives, but as a new mum who has just managed nine months of pregnancy plus childbirth, you deserve to look after yourself, and weight loss could be the remedy.  


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What are the best post-pregnancy weight-loss plans?

The Jenny Craig weight loss post-pregnancy plan is a great way to treat yourself. With Jenny Craig, you know you have all the support you need to get through the tough times and reclaim your body shape. Our plans are sensible, no rush, but it’s not uncommon for our customers to achieve target weight and a toned body only one year after giving birth. With qualified dietitians and nutritionists on your side, plus the guidance of your own Jenny Craig Consultant, the results are yours just waiting to happen.

How much weight could you lose on a post-pregnancy plan?

The amount you want to lose is totally up to you. A comprehensive consultation with experts is the best place to start, so Jenny Craig invites you to discuss your goals and objectives with us. During your visit we will assess your healthy weight targets by taking your present weight, height, age, health, physical activities and more into consideration. This information helps us devise the perfect calorie and portion-controlled meal plan with you. The best part is you get to choose exactly what you want to eat from more than 65 delicious Jenny Craig menu offerings.

In other words, we take the stress out of dieting, ensuring you remain energised with nutritionally enriched food while you look after your baby. With Jenny Craig, we help you cope with newfound responsibilities, so you get to enjoy time with your loved ones. Sensible diet and weight loss plans help people lose 0.5-1kg consistently every week and are the genuine alternative to drastic measures that don’t keep the weight off.

A comprehensive consultation with experts is the best place to start, so Jenny Craig invites you to discuss your goals and objectives with us. 

What do weight-loss plans include?

Anyone can attempt a weight loss diet, but for most people it’s not really planned. Without incredible focus, determination and willpower, such diets don’t succeed. The situation is further complicated for new mothers who need the weight of responsibility shared, without taking more on. Genuine weight loss plans include a lot of components, plus experts who are there to guide you along the way. Jenny Craig has been assisting mothers with post-pregnancy plans since 1983, with our reputation built on weight loss success.


When you have settled into motherhood, and your baby is growing healthfully, it’s a good time to reflect on achievements and plan for the future. A time will come for most mothers when getting back in shape is a high priority, and we are ready when you are. Your post-pregnancy weight loss plan can start straight after your consultation if you wish, and you will be on the way toward reaching target weight immediately. Commencing a Jenny Craig weight loss plan is achieved in a few simple steps, and once you begin, we are there to support you every step of the way.

Step one: Have a chat with a Jenny Craig Consultant over the phone or at your local Centre. With more than 104 Jenny Craig Centres around Australia and New Zealand, there’s bound to be one near you. You then get to create your personalised weight loss strategy and design your own menu plan in consultation with our experts. Your Consultant will also introduce you to exercises and lifestyle improvements that transform fat into toned muscle.

Step two: Jenny Craig makes the hardest part easy. You get to eat 4 perfectly portioned and calorie-controlled meals per day from local and international cuisines. New meals are continually added to the range, and although your taste buds will be satisfied, we also make allowance for you visit your favourite restaurant occasionally or celebrate special events with family and friends. Our meals are conveniently home-delivered or picked up in-centre.

Step three: Check in with your Consultant every week for advice and inspiration. We help you overcome challenges and celebrate achievements. In time, we will even assist with your transition off the weight loss program toward sustainably managed weight control. Our methods are empowering, effective and reliable, allowing you focus on your family while you get closer to reaching healthy weight loss targets.  


(Start your day with the Egg and Bake Bean Brekkie from the Jenny Craig menu, pictured above. See the full menu here)

Can you start a weight-loss plan while breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding isn’t discouraged with genuine weight loss programs. In fact, mums who are feeling depleted and worn down will become re-energised with Jenny Craig meals. Your body will have adjusted to metabolic and hormonal changes around 6 weeks after childbirth, making it a good time for an appointment with a friendly Jenny Craig Consultant. Our tailored meals contain the nutrition both you and your baby need to enjoy your growing relationship together, even if you are still breastfeeding.

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