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Jenny Craig Weight Loss – Post Pregnancy Success

While not wanting to boast about achievements, Jenny Craig is extremely proud to be helping countless women with post pregnancy success. Women undergo many physical and emotional changes postpartum, so measured weight loss success includes a healthy transition without diminishing energy levels. With your Jenny Craig tailored weight loss plan created in consultation with accredited dietitians and nutritionists, post pregnancy success is a very real possibility.


^Individual results may vary. (Discover Sandy's Success Story here)

How can you achieve weight-loss success post-pregnancy?

There are a lot of people who give good advice, but very few who follow through with a practical plan. That’s why Jenny Craig continues to stand out from transient food fads. We offer valuable dieting guidance, provide calorie and portion-controlled meals, allow you to choose from more than 65 delicious menu items, with meals home-delivered or picked up from any of our 104 Jenny Craig Centres across Australia and New Zealand.

The meals you eat are designed by chefs and prepared by professionals, while your personal Jenny Craig Consultant will assist and support you in reaching your target weight. In other words, post-pregnancy weight loss success is safe and healthy for both mother and baby during changes to the household dynamic.

At Jenny Craig, we have the method and plenty of sensible suggestions, including:

  • Don’t begin weight loss too soon: A new mother’s body needs to recover from labour and delivery. Wait until your six-week postpartum check-up before focussing on portion and calorie control. It’s best for most young mothers to retain energy levels while adjusting to life with your newborn.

  • Set realistic weight loss targets: Physical changes after childbirth aren’t always totally reversible. Some woman may find they have slightly wider hips, a softer belly or larger waistline. Focus on the beautiful mum you can become and appreciate your new curves while losing weight.

  • Introduce exercise and activities: Any reputable weight-loss program will combine diet with exercise. The idea is to lose fat and not muscle, resulting in a smooth, toned and sculpted appearance.

  • Take your time and appreciate results:  Your diet should be established by taking weight, height, age, health, activities and more into consideration. Only then can your meals guarantee appropriate calorie and portion control. Nursing mothers should take things slow as losing weight too fast can decrease milk quantity and nutritional value.

  • Make sensible food choices: Your Jenny Craig meal plan automatically includes foods that are low in fat, high in fibre and nutritionally enriched. Diet meals can be delicious, sustaining and satisfying, allowing dieters to safely transition to self-managed meal preparation.

What are some factors that can influence the success of your weight-loss?

The reasons for embarking on weight loss are many, including the desire to return to pre-pregnancy shape. It’s totally understandable, and who doesn’t want to look and feel young and vibrant? Commencing weight loss can be daunting as the weight you need to lose is also the culprit making you lethargic and tired.

It’s no secret that a good deal of determination is needed for successful weight loss, and that’s why the best weight loss results are achieved with a team on your side. Your Jenny Craig meal program is guided by experts, supported by professional providers, and delivered to your door, showcasing the most convenient dieting teamwork possible.

With your Jenny Craig tailored weight loss plan created in consultation with accredited dietitians and nutritionists, post pregnancy success is a very real possibility.

When can you expect to see results from your weight-loss?

As your meal plan is designed for steady weight loss, you will begin to see results immediately. Losing between 0.5-1kg per week soon delivers transformative results that everyone will notice. Whether you are healthy weight, overweight or obese, your personal Jenny Craig Consultant will remain in touch for the duration of your weight loss journey.

You can meet in-centre or at home, alter your meal plan, increase your exercise schedule, learn holistic living techniques and make healthy food purchasing decisions. Professional weight loss experts make sure you have all bases covered, allowing healthy, glowing skin to accompany weight loss for people who take their transformation seriously.


(Enjoy the Multigrain Waves from the Jenny Craig menu, pictured above. See the full menu here)

What could hinder the success of your post-pregnancy weight-loss?

Unfortunately, many new mothers don’t heed sensible dieting advice. Even with the best intentions, it’s easy to get swayed by the latest food trends, advertising, and even misinformation that can be detrimental to health. When the health of your baby is at stake, it’s not worth risking untested, unverified and unreliable fad diets vouchsafed by the new breed of savvy entrepreneurs.

Jenny Craig has been successfully transforming the lives of Australian women and men since 1983 with diet plans that really work. There is a big difference between talking about losing weight and successfully achieving weight loss targets, so why not take the stress and hunger cravings out of the picture, focus on eating healthy food for you and your baby, and appreciate weight loss post-pregnancy success the Jenny Craig way.  

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