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Jenny Craig Weight Loss – Post Pregnancy Tips

Although most new mothers somehow manage to take pregnancy and childbirth in their stride, others find the going a little rockier. Motherhood can catch women off-guard, and even those who expected to adjust with ease can find themselves overwhelmed by the new situation. Along with emotional changes and additional responsibilities, a young mother’s body may also have changed in ways that are not wanted, making a sensible weight loss strategy part of the return to normality. Jenny Craig encourages healthy dieting, moderate exercise and post pregnancy tips that will help you turn the corner to better health and satisfaction.


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What are the top tips for losing weight post-pregnancy?

The number one tip is to be patient. Weight that has taken months or years to accumulate can’t disappear overnight, so it’s worth putting a post-pregnancy weight loss plan in place. There’s no harm in asking for assistance and weight loss inspiration, making the services of Jenny Craig your ideal dieting counterpart. At Jenny Craig, we provide the framework for convenient dieting success even while you undertake all responsibilities associated with raising your new child.

It’s important to avoid drastic fasting or extreme diets that can jeopardise your health and the health of your baby. The effects of rapid weight loss include a loss of energy and emotional instability, consequences you simply can’t afford while trying to provide a nurturing environment for your family. Jenny Craig, on the other hand, introduces you to post-pregnancy tips that are practical, effective and easy for any new mom to appreciate. Here are just a few examples:

  • Take guidance from qualified nutritionists, dieticians and weight loss consultants

  • Take your weight, height, age and health into consideration for tailored weight loss

  • Commence a diet that factors in calorie and portion-controlled meals

  • Allow us to prepare your meals so you can save time for bonding with your baby

  • Have meals home-delivered for additional convenience

  • Establish a simple exercise and activities program that suits your diet and lifestyle

  • Learn how to transition from guided dieting to self-reliant healthy meal preparation

How can you achieve healthy weight-loss after giving birth?

The desire to lose weight and regain health and vitality is a good start. The next step is to undertake a complimentary Jenny Craig weight loss assessment. You will become inspired when in the company of like-minded people who have travelled the path you are on and achieved weight loss success. Once your child is at least six weeks old, and you have physically recovered from childbirth, you are ready to commence.

Have a chat with a Jenny Craig Consultant over the phone or at your local Centre. With more than 104 Jenny Craig Centres around Australia and New Zealand, there’s bound to be one near you. You get to create your personalised weight loss strategy and design your own menu plan. Your Consultant will also introduce you to exercises and lifestyle improvements.

You get to eat 5 perfectly portioned and calorie-controlled meals per day from local and international cuisines. New meals are continually added to the range, and we also make allowance for you to visit your favourite restaurant occasionally. Our meals are conveniently home-delivered or picked up in-centre. Check in with your Consultant every week for advice. We will even assist with your transition off the weight loss program toward sustainably managed weight control.

At Jenny Craig, we provide the framework for convenient dieting success even while you undertake all responsibilities associated with raising your new child.

What tips can help you lose weight quickly post-pregnancy?

It’s unadvisable to attempt quick post-pregnancy weight loss. This is especially important for breastfeeding mothers who share nutrition with their baby. You may be surprised to find out that around half of your pregnancy weight gain will naturally fall away in the months after giving birth. Weight loss diets are also ideally supported by appropriate exercises that improve metabolism, aid healthy digestion and tone muscles that replace fat.

Regardless of your personal statistics, there are ways you can get started immediately in the comfort of your own home. Your transitional exercise program will appear something like the following:

  • Step A exercises while sitting can include lifting light objects, raising your arms and legs in manageable repetitions, rearranging the pantry and performing light household chores.

  • Step B includes walking, light stretching, getting out and about, aqua aerobics and other water resistance exercises, plus anything else that gets your body moving to encourage oxygen and blood flow for greater energy levels.

  • Step C improves resistance and stamina with jogging, weight and resistance exercises, aerobic exercises, yoga and other exercises that burn fat and replace it with muscle.


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What should you avoid when trying to lose post-pregnancy weight?

Any woman embarking on weight loss requires encouragement and guidance. Although the advice of family and friends may be well intended, their approach can be a little harsh at times, leading to negativity and a loss of dieting confidence. It’s best to show appreciation for the concern of others, while taking ultimate guidance from those who really know how to help you lose weight.

You should avoid starving your body with single-food diets, transient food fads, juice fasts and other drastic measures that can’t be sustained. It’s also not advisable to shy away from social situations in fear of ridicule. You are a new and fabulous form-fitting mom who deserves to celebrate their new arrival, and you may have new motherly curves to prove it. You will be pleasantly surprised how many people see beyond externals and appreciate the beautiful new you who has arrived with the arrival of your baby.

When the time is right to tighten muscles and sculpt those curves, Jenny Craig is on hand to deliver on promises and transform your appearance. With Jenny Craig guidance, your target weight will be reached for impressive eye-catching results that nobody will be able to ignore. We take the stress out of post-pregnancy weight loss and your satisfaction is our success.

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