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Jenny Craig Consultants work hard to take the mystery out of diet and weight loss programs. Getting in shape is actually quite simple as long as basic rules are followed, with dieting part of the bigger picture. On a Jenny Craig Weight Loss Program, favourite foodstuffs can still be enjoyed in moderation, and celebrating special moments with family and friends is encouraged. Jenny Craig diet programs are progressive, facilitating long-term weight loss and physical improvement that comes from a more active lifestyle.

Diet and weight loss fads come and go as fast as the changing seasons. It’s heartening that people want to assist and advise others about diets, fasting, food allergies, detox, cleansing, food intolerance and more, but information overload can become confusing, and there are good reasons why Jenny Craig has been in the weight loss industry for decades. At Jenny Craig you are treated as an individual, and your weight loss program doesn’t even commence until you discuss your objectives with a dedicated Jenny Craig Consultant.


^Individual results may vary. (Discover Gemma's Success Story here)

What is the best weight loss diet program?

To ensure progressive weight loss, Jenny Craig matches your needs with a diet program that takes, weight, age, physical activities and other factors into consideration. Everyone is different, including the ability to shed weight quickly, but that isn’t our weight loss program method. We encourage steady, healthy weight loss over time combined with appropriate lifestyle changes. Jenny Craig diet programs are overseen by qualified dietitians and professional Consultants at every stage, meaning you are in constant touch for advice, suggestions or information to fine-tune your diet.

Naturally, our assistance is targeted to help clients achieve health and fulfilment along with weight loss, so our service includes menu selections from more than 65 tasty meal options. Jenny Craig weight loss and diet programs are established at flexible durations so you can achieve realistic targets without disrupting home life or employment. With a Jenny Craig diet, cravings and moodiness are replaced with vitamin and nutrition packed meals full of taste and sustenance. The simplest way to give up bad habits is to replace them with something superior, a method that Jenny Craig endorses by employing professional chefs to prepare dietitian endorsed meals, treats and sweets for a satisfying weight loss experience.

How much of weight loss is diet?

Dieting is undertaken to lose weight, but Jenny Craig aims for healthy, sustainable weight loss. By only focussing on weight, dieters tend to sacrifice meals and healthy routines just to satisfy the bathroom scales and immediate appearances. Drastic weight loss is a recipe for disaster that inevitably results in dramatic weight fluctuations, detrimental health outcomes and negative self-perception. Jenny Craig weight loss program diets are a major component of weight loss, although there are additional recommendations that will help you achieve optimal weight loss and health outcomes.

  • A healthy relationship with food including portion control and a mindful approach

  • An active lifestyle incorporating planned physical activities and exercise

  • A balanced approach to living that develops a positive mindset for achieving goals

To ensure progressive weight loss, Jenny Craig matches your needs with a diet program that takes, weight, age, physical activities and other factors into consideration.

How to control a diet for weight loss?

Resisting temptation isn’t easy, particularly when favourite treats become regularly enjoyed comfort food. Jenny Craig Consultants appreciate the major changes involved when transitioning from unhealthy eating habits, and although taking past and present behaviours into consideration, we help you approach the future with an entirely new mindset. As they say, ‘half the battle is won upstairs’ and with a determined mind almost anything is possible.

Controlling a diet without useful food ingredient knowledge or healthy culinary skills is agonizing for the dieter and their family. With Jenny Craig, on the other hand, your diet begins only after a suitable meals plan is tailored for your exacting needs. There are only a few simple steps to take when on a Jenny Craig program as our chefs, dietitians, nutritionists, Consultants and other highly capable staff take care of all the details. Your main responsibility is to choose the fresh-packed menu items of your choice, and enjoy.


(Enjoy Chilli Con Carne from the Jenny Craig menu, pictured above. See the full menu here)

What food is best for weight loss?

There are countless foods that are good for weight loss. In fact, most food won’t lead to weight gain if eaten in moderation. There are foods that are low in calories, such as apples, almonds and oats, and although each of them is nutritious and delicious fresh or cooked, most people require more hearty meals to alleviate food cravings. Jenny Craig meals don’t skimp on tasty, juicy, fatty foods, and in fact, we encourage them in the right proportions. We use only the highest-quality, freshest ingredients to make sure every meal is tasty, satisfying, and perfectly portioned to encourage steady weight loss without stress.

If the time is right for you to make a change for little more than the cost of convenient home-cooked meals, call Jenny Craig today and speak to one of our friendly staff. The new you is a real possibility waiting to happen, and we are here to show you exactly how to turn your hopes into reality.

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