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Jenny Craig Weight Loss Program – Food Plans

It’s said that variety is the spice of life, and the maxim is very applicable to Jenny Craig weight loss program food plans. Every Jenny Craig client is treated as an individual from consultation to program completion, with meal and menu options that are personally selected and guaranteed to satisfy the senses. The various food plans fulfil weight loss objectives under the caring supervision of Consultants, with meals prepared by expert chefs. Healthy eating and healthy living is easy when supported by highly qualified professionals who are dedicated to promoting successful weight loss food plans.

When it comes to healthy eating, there is no substitute for quality. All Jenny Craig menu choices are designed by qualified nutritionists to provide calorie and portion controlled meals that are packed fresh and ready to eat. In today’s busy world, healthy cooking and eating is being sacrificed, with unwanted weight gain the result, and Jenny Craig remains the practical and reliable alternative that will point your weight-scales in the right direction. New menu items are regularly added, while ongoing consultancy assists with lifestyle modifications and physical activities that complement weight loss for a bright and healthy future.


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What is the best food plan for weight loss?

When considering a diet for weight loss, it’s important to look at the big picture. It often takes years of steady weight accumulation before a person admits they need to reverse the trend, and although quick-fix fasting diets shed the kilos, weight gain will again commence once the fast is over. Jenny Craig weight loss food plans, on the other hand, have been formulated by Accredited Practising Dietitians using portion and calorie controlled meals for slow and steady weight loss that won’t disrupt your lifestyle or family harmony. Jenny Craig weight loss food plans are personalised to suit your individual needs, while ongoing support from expert Consultants will keep you on track when difficulties arise. Jenny Craig food plans for weight loss include breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, ensuring likeability replaces irritability even while losing weight.

Food plans for weight loss

Along with your individually portioned ready-made meals, Jenny Craig offers a variety of programs to ensure you are reaching your targets. The duration of your personalised weight loss food plan is totally up to you and dependant on your goals and aspirations. All our food plans for weight loss include ongoing Consultant support that includes assistance with healthy habits and behaviours for long-term weight loss success. Additionally, Jenny Craig offers a maintenance program supported by highly qualified dietitians, assisting you with the transition from healthy weight loss to healthy living. Our food plans are flexible and full of variety, with every satisfying Jenny Craig meal taking you one step closer to weight loss success.

Jenny Craig offers a maintenance program supported by highly qualified dietitians, assisting you with the transition from healthy weight loss to healthy living.

Food meal plan for weight loss

A healthy body and mind is achieved by eating the right foods.. Food should do a lot more than simply provide instant gratification of the tongue and belly, and progressive science informs us of the many links between healthy eating and happiness. Although Jenny Craig is renowned as the weight loss expert, we strengthen our reputation by encouraging all-round weight loss strategies, including:

  • A healthy relationship with food, where you can still enjoy eating what you love, supported by appropriate portion control, calorie control and mindful eating habits.

  • An active lifestyle according to age, weight and other health considerations. By gradually increasing exercise while losing weight, our clients transform themselves inside and out, physically and emotionally.

  • A balanced approach to living that encourages development of a positive mindset, appropriate lifestyle changes and long-term vision for developing self-motivated problem solving and successful weight loss even after you complete the Jenny Craig program.

Jenny Craig is your all-over weight loss assistant providing kilojoule-controlled menu food plans.


(Enjoy the Spaghetti and Meatballs off the jenny Craig menu, pictured above. See the full menu here)

Weight loss food delivery plans

At Jenny Craig, we offer a comprehensive and confidential no-obligation consultation in-house or over the phone, depending on your location and requirements. It’s good to know you are not alone and that thousands of others like yourself have undergone a complete transformation with Jenny Craig. Our weight loss food delivery plans are a great option for those who prefer a degree of anonymity, without sacrificing personalised Jenny Craig Consultant assistance.

Our delicious ready-made meals are delivered frozen or dry-stored for maximum dining pleasure, without you having to worry about calorie intake. In addition, you will be working with your own dedicated Consultant at our Centre, or over the phone, facilitating the addition of your favourite foodstuffs in appropriate quantities. It only takes a little overeating to put weight on, and losing weight can be achieved by reversing the procedure with calorie and portion controlled weight loss food delivery packed with nutrition for healthy, active and very satisfying weight loss.


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