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Weight Loss Program – Overview

A genuine weight loss program focuses on long-term quality of life. For this reason, all Jenny Craig weight loss programs are designed by qualified nutritionists and overseen by dietitians. In addition, Jenny Craig clients are assigned their own personal jenny Craig Consultant for advice, suggestions and inspiration during every stage of the weight loss journey. There really is no alternative to calorie and portion controlled meals combined with appropriate lifestyle choices when it comes to dieting, and the Jenny Craig weight loss program remains the reliable and practical alternative to transient and dangerous fad diets.

A noticeable difference with Jenny Craig weight loss is that we treat you as an individual with personal hopes and aspirations. We don’t believe good food taste should be sacrificed during dieting, as unsatisfied taste buds will ultimately give in to temptation. Sensible weight loss involves understanding you as a person, including your physical activities and any prevailing injuries or medical conditions that could impact dieting. We also measure your weight and height while also taking gender and age into consideration. A Jenny Craig weight loss program is tailored just for you, and we are with you all the way.


^Individual results may vary. (Discover Kara's Success Story here)

What is included in a weight loss program?

We want you to be excited about your weight loss program ambitions, and our assistance is on hand from the outset. Jenny Craig understands that commencing a diet is a big step, so we offer a no-obligation consultation to discuss all your concerns. With 104 Jenny Craig Centres across Australia and New Zealand, we are your local weight loss Consultants ready to meet you, or alternatively, you can call us over the phone from the convenience of your own home.

We guarantee you will be inspired by our extensive menu options, tailored ready-made meals home delivery, and ongoing consultancy. Commencing a Jenny Craig weight loss program is then as easy as selecting healthy, balanced meals that are portion and calorie controlled for appropriate weight loss. Any uncertainty is quickly diminished when clients realise Jenny Craig meals are satisfying, filling and replenishing, helping to restore the body to a healthier state. And don’t forget, with more than 65 menu choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner including snacks and treats, making personalised diet choices has never been easier.  

Jenny Craig Consultants keep in touch weekly, while delicious meals and treats can be home-delivered for weight loss convenience, allowing weight to fall off naturally without sacrificing dining satisfaction.

How quick does a weight loss program work?

Excess fat that has taken years to accumulate won’t fall off overnight. This is actually a good thing, as health is maintained when weight adjustment is gradual. Rapid weight loss can impede or even damage internal organs and other bodily mechanisms that are already affected by carrying extra weight. Jenny Craig clients, on the other hand, also get to see results immediately, not only in steady weight loss, but also in glowing features and supple skin courtesy of healthy food choices.

The free no-obligation consultation is confidential and comprehensive, providing clients with an overview of Jenny Craig weight loss programs and plenty of inspiration to get started. Introductory plans are available, as are long-term guided diet plans that last as long as required to reach weight and health targets. Jenny Craig Consultants keep in touch weekly, while delicious meals and treats can be home-delivered for weight loss convenience, allowing weight to fall off naturally without sacrificing dining satisfaction.


(Start your day with an Egg and Bacon Muffin from the Jenny Craig menu, pictured above. See the full menu here)

How to start your weight loss program from home?

Your initial consultation will provide plenty of inspiration and food for thought. There are just a few more simple steps and you are ready to begin:

  • Dedicated Accredited Dietitians and Consultants take your age, weight, height, gender, activities and any prevailing ailments into consideration when tailoring your personalised weight loss program.

  • Select from a range of more than 65 menu items that are portion and calorie controlled just for you. Steady weight loss becomes a real possibility, even with the occasional splurge on restaurant meals or fast food.

  • Enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts and treats. All meals are packed and stored fresh and ready for home delivery, taking stress out of dieting while simultaneously providing guidance regarding healthy meal choices and weight loss foods.

  • Check in weekly with your dedicated Jenny Craig Consultant. It’s an opportunity to give honest dieting feedback, ask questions, monitor progress, make alternative menu choices, and get inspired.

  • Gradual transition from Jenny Craig meals to healthy home cooking and meal preparation. As mentioned, weight gain is often steady and usually caused by poor diet and eating habits; a situation that can be reversed with Jenny Craig support, guidance, and tasty meal choices.

Getting started is as easy as calling Jenny Craig over the phone or contacting us online. We are ready when you are to assist your transition toward healthier, happier living, the Jenny Craig way.


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