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What Weight Loss Programs Work Best?

Weight loss programs that work are not that easy find. Many weight loss programs claim to deliver a total body transformation in a matter of weeks, often through some miracle cure. However, weight loss programs that have been proven to work long term are ones which look at your lifestyle and make the necessary changes to help you achieve your goals. At Jenny Craig we offer a weight loss program which is individualised to your needs and goals.

How Effective Is the Jenny Craig Weight Loss Program?

Jenny Craig is a proven weight loss program which has changed the lives of thousands of people. The reason Jenny Craig is so effective is the program itself, since it does not only focus on the foods you eat but also your mindset and your levels of activity. The success of the program has been proven in clinical studies showing that Jenny Craig clients can lose three times more weight that dieting alone 1 ^.

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^Individual results may vary. (Discover Elizabeth's Success here)

How Was The Jenny Craig Program Created?

In order to become one of the best weight loss programs that work, Jenny Craig counts on the experience of accredited dietitians in Australia and the United States. By looking at the fields of medicine, nutrition, exercise and psychology, the Jenny Craig weight loss program became one of the most recommend weight loss programs that work.

One of the main aspects Jenny Craig focuses on with our clients is changing the way they see food. Instead of having a love-hate relationship with food, Jenny Craig teaches how to eat the foods you love, while still maintaining portion control and sensible eating habits. To kick-start your progress, your personal consultant will create a calorie-controlled menu and provide you with a selection of prepared meals and snacks.

One other major aspect in losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is to be more active. Becoming active after a period of inactivity may seem quite daunting, but with the help of your consultant and the Jenny Craig weight loss program the transition is easy.

Before you start exercising, your consultant can look at your current level of activity and make suggestions on how you might gradually increase your level exercise during the course of the weight loss program. 

Last but not least, a balanced mind will also play a role in the success of your weight loss journey. The Jenny Craig weight loss program is intertwined with a self-efficacy model, which provides our clients with the necessary skills to reach their goals. The client will learn how to self-monitor, set new goals and solve problems if they arise.

The Jenny Craig weight loss program is intertwined with a self-efficacy model, which provides our clients with the necessary skills to reach their goals.

How Long Does the Jenny Craig Program Last?

The duration of the Jenny Craig program is different for everyone, since each program is customised for the individual client. The client will be able to convey his/her personal goals to the consultant, who will in turn create the weight loss program.

No matter how your weight loss program is created, it is important to remember that a weight loss journey cannot really be time-stamped. Each person loses weight at a different rate and speed, so it is important not to compare yourself to others during your weight loss journey. If at any time you have any doubts about your weight loss during the program, be sure to discuss this with your consultant. Your consultant will be able to give you advice and reassure you whenever you need a little extra support.

Does Jenny Craig Allow You to Use Your Own Food?

Upon starting the weight loss program, the consultant will usually limit the meals and snacks to Jenny Craig foods. Over the course of time, the consultant may choose to let you create your own meals and recipes. By doing this, the consultant allows you to increase your own independence which enables you to maintain a healthy weight on your own.

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Is There a Special Program to Maintain My Weight?

Clients who have completed and achieved their weight loss goals do not have to come off the program, because Jenny Craig also has a weight maintenance program that can be followed once you’ve completed your weight loss journey. With our weight maintenance program at Jenny Craig, you will learn everything you need to know to keep at the healthy weight you have obtained. This is one of the main reasons why our weight loss programs work best.

Of course, following the weight maintenance program is not an obligation. Over the course of the weight loss program, you will gain valuable information on how to maintain your success from your consultant. However, the weight maintenance program is there for clients who find themselves struggling after the weight loss program.

If you want to benefit from all the advantages the programs at Jenny Craig have to offer, please make your appointment with a consultant at the local Jenny Craig Centre. If you do not have the time to meet the consultant in person, you can also book a phone appointment. If you are not ready to commit, be sure to read more information on our weight loss programs on the website to discover if Jenny Craig is your weight loss wonder

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