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Jenny Craig Weight Loss Tips

Healthy weight loss involves a holistic approach to life that provides both physical and psychological benefits. As any qualified dietitian or nutritionist knows, the mental approach to dieting is as important as the physical, and the best way to establish equilibrium is by eating nutritious and satisfying foods that revitalise and energise. Fortunately, Jenny Craig employs the expert guidance of highly qualified nutritionists and professional Consultants to ensure our clients enjoy healthy, satisfying and regulated meals. The link between health and happiness is well established for all Jenny Craig customers to appreciate with every meal.

Struggling alone to lose weight needn’t be an option. On the other hand, accepting guidance from every self-proclaimed healer that comes your way isn’t a good idea either. Professional, successful organisations stand the test of time, and the Jenny Craig weight loss programs have been changing lives for the better for decades. Jenny Craig was established to provide sensible eating and exercise pathways that encourage weight loss and better health, without sacrificing dining pleasure, and clients couldn’t be happier with the results.


^Individual results may vary. (Discover Katherine's Success Story here)

Do weight loss tips really help?

The first step in any life-changing pursuit is in acknowledging the need for change. It’s worth making a list of all the reasons for deciding to lose weight, including the ways you expect your life to improve. Once you decide the time is right to commence a diet, Jenny Craig Consultants are on hand to guide you. We will discuss your goals and aspirations from the perspective of experts who get results, and fine tune your diet plan until we have a program that is tailored precisely for you. Incremental weight loss is the goal, with small weekly targets worth celebrating.

At Jenny Craig, the weight loss tricks and tips we provide you are time-tested and reliable. We don’t charm gullible people with false promises of rapid weight loss that stays off. Not only are such proposals unrealistic, they are also unhealthy and possibly dangerous. With a Jenny Craig Consultant, on the other hand, you have a partner for the entire duration of the weight loss journey, with tips and tricks that encourage slow and steady weight loss while still providing ever-changing menu options for satisfying the need for delicious variety. Our weight loss tips aren’t secrets, but they do work wonders for those who apply them. As it is said, ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating’.

With a Jenny Craig Consultant you have a partner for the entire duration of the weight loss journey, with tips and tricks that encourage slow and steady weight loss while still providing ever-changing menu options for satisfying the need for delicious variety.

What are some easy weight loss tips?

If you have chosen Jenny Craig to guide your weight loss program, the boxes are already ticked. Considerations include regular eating habits, nutritional food, dining options, variety, exploring new tastes and achieving healthy life-balance. Jenny Craig weight loss meal plans fulfil all these needs admirably.

  • 5 meals per day, all perfectly portioned for steady weight loss

  • All meals designed by professional nutritionists and prepared by qualified chefs

  • More than 65 menu options for diverse and satisfying meal plans

  • New meal options regularly introduced that guarantee variety really is the spice of life

  • Convenient meal delivery ensuring regular meals without stress

  • A proactive approach that includes appropriate exercise and lifestyle advice


(Enjoy the BBQ Pulled Pork Toastie from the Jenny Craig menu, pictured above. See the full menu here)

Is it easy to keep weight off with Jenny Craig?

Losing weight is relatively easy with the right guidance. However, when left to our own devices it’s not uncommon to fall back into old habits, and fluctuating weight is the result. It’s important to lose weight for the right reasons and then continue the same good eating and exercise program once the weight loss program is complete. As with most bad habits, eating is enjoyable and addictive, and recognising our weaknesses is the first step toward changing ourselves for the better. Some people do fall back into their old ways, but Jenny Craig are caring professionals who are always on hand for consultation or advice. There is no shame in trying again to succeed when giving up altogether isn’t an option.

Jenny Craig weight loss programs are tailored for individual needs. This includes the transition from total reliance on Jenny Craig ready-made meals to full capability for healthy independent cooking. If required, a Jenny Craig Professionally Accredited Dietitian will assist with meal suggestions, ingredient selection and cooking development during the transition phase. Jenny Craig has assisted tens of thousands of people from Australia and overseas since foundation in 1983, with our reputation built on the success of our clients.

When it comes to health services, the weight loss industry is responsible for improved well-being Australia-wide, and Jenny Craig is proud to remain at the forefront of change. There’s nowhere to hide for dubious peddlers of fad diet products in the weight loss industry, allowing Jenny Craig to stand out from the crowd with diet programs that take weight off and keep it off for good.

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