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Jenny Craig Fat Loss Tips

A successful weight and fat loss journey requires sustained determination. As any dieter knows, every day is different, with challenges and temptations along the way that need to be overcome. Losing weight is a mental as well as physical challenge that is difficult to undertake alone, and achieving consistent fat loss results is much easier with the support of family and friends. The moment you commit to a Jenny Craig weight loss meal plan, you have the support of a whole new bunch of friends including expert dietitians, chefs, and your own personal Jenny Craig Consultant for the duration of the journey.


^Individual results may vary. (Discover Emma's Success Story here)

What is a fat loss diet?

At Jenny Craig, we focus on whole-person health. Losing weight is the major goal, but weight loss results are dramatically enhanced with the addition of appropriate exercise and a positive outlook. It’s natural to be apprehensive about discarding favourite foodstuffs, so Jenny Craig Consultants guide you with care, while also allowing the occasional diversion for dining out and celebrating special occasions. With professional guidance to keep you motivated, along with fat loss tips to complement the meal plan, there is every chance your target weight will be reached, vitality will return, and you can step out in style and enjoy the life you deserve.

What are some useful fat loss diet tips?

Many fad diets and fasting programs are overly extreme, taxing bodily organs and weakening the immune system. They usually only provide a hollow victory that can’t be sustained as weight bounces back quickly. Jenny Craig, on the other hand, utilises the time-tested slow and steady weight loss approach that has been successfully transforming lives for decades. The most effective and significant fat loss tips are built into your diet plan, so all you have to do is enjoy our delicious menu selections on a daily basis to lose weight without ever going hungry. Here are just a few factors that make Jenny Craig different for all the right reasons.

  • More than 65 menu choices for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snacks

  • Convenient delivery of freshly packed meals for dining convenience

  • All meals prepared by qualified chefs under the guidance of professional nutritionists

  • Calorie and portion controlled meals for steady, progressive weight and fat loss

  • A proactive approach to weight loss that includes appropriate lifestyle choices

Losing weight is the major goal, but weight loss results are dramatically enhanced with the addition of appropriate exercise and a positive outlook.

What is the best fat loss plan?

The best fat loss plan is the one specially formulated just for you. Just because we are Australia’s most popular diet plan provider it doesn’t mean you aren’t treated as an individual with goals and aspirations to achieve. In fact, every Jenny Craig client is treated to a personalised service that can’t be matched by purveyors of fad diets and miracle cures. Your initial consultation includes an opportunity for you to express any concerns, ask questions and become inspired.

The consultation is an opportunity to get your fat and weight loss journey underway. We measure your height and weight, while also taking age, health and physical activities into consideration in creation of a precise calorie and portion controlled meal plan. You get to choose from more than 65 tasty menu items that are filling and enriched with nutritional goodness to sustain you through the day and night, without unwanted cravings. The best fat loss plan also includes a degree of flexibility, allowing you to enjoy time out with friends, the occasional restaurant meal, and the opportunity to celebrate special occasions with family. Jenny Craig weight loss plans are designed to minimise hunger cravings and maximise dining pleasure. In fact, successfully completing a Jenny Craig diet includes healthy eating and lifestyle habits moving forward, ultimately saving you money as well as transforming your life.


(Enjoy Tikka Masala from the Jenny Craig menu, pictured above. See the full menu here)

Are Jenny Craig fat loss plans for all overweight people?

Almost everyone will benefit from weight loss with Jenny Craig. If in any doubt, consult with your treating doctor for further advice. Although we specialise in helping people lose weight, our major aim is transforming the whole person so that weight stays off once the weight loss process is complete, and establishing a healthy relationship with food is important. Losing weight entails a physical and mental approach for consistent determination for the duration of the weight loss program, and we have the resources, expertise and encouragement to keep you motivated and on track.

What are the best fat loss foods?

Foodstuffs that are filling, sustaining and energising are all helpful. A person who is perpetually hungry is a miserable dieting companion destined to fail, while foods that don’t sustain for long quickly lose their appeal. We all require energy to complete regular tasks, perform work duties and manage our families, so Jenny Craig meals contain protein and are low in harmful fats and sugars that lift you up and drop you down. Wavering physical and mental strength results in dieting failure in most cases, so Jenny Craig encourages dining satisfaction to steady the mind, fuel the body, and encourage incremental weight loss worth celebrating.

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