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Jenny Craig Weight Loss – Wedding

Weddings remain a huge milestone for women and men, and looking good on the big day is as important as ever. Wedding planning can be a huge task, with essential timelines to meet, service providers to coordinate, and a lot of expectations to satisfy. With so much going on, pressure and time constraints can take their toll, and it’s easy to lose sight of personal goals, including meeting wedding weight loss targets. Remaining on track to meet targets is easiest with the assistance of industry experts and people who have achieved weight loss success, making Jenny Craig wedding weight loss the wise choice. Since establishment in 1983, Jenny Craig has assisted countless women and men look their best on their wedding day and beyond into happily ever after.

^Individual results may vary. (Discover Lynne's Success Story here)

What wedding weight loss plan is best?

A plan that treats you as an individual is best, particularly when weight loss targets need to be met by a particular date. Jenny Craig weight loss meal plans are the long-term strategy for locking in consistent weight loss without undue hunger or stress. Jenny Craig plans are personalised for program and menu options that complement busy lifestyles and tick another wedding plan box. Jenny Craig plans are structured yet flexible, with options that include:

Weight gain doesn’t happen overnight and the desire to shed unwanted kilos is often coupled with a psychological battle that can last months, or even years. However, it’s said that a journey begins with the first step, and once desire is transformed into action, weight loss results are guaranteed to follow. In a world where external appearances are considered important, it’s also worth focusing on personal objectives in dieting and weight loss that should include better overall health and quality of life. Jenny Craig delivers all of the above and a whole lot more, so instead of focussing on negative body image, it’s better to reverse weight gain with strategies that actually work, the Jenny Craig way. Here are three key ways we can assist you.

  • Starter Program lasting 12 weeks, with personalised menu and activity plan, plus one-on-one weekly contact with your own dedicated Jenny Craig Consultant.

  • Signature Program for 12 months service including unlimited consultations, motivational resources and all the great menu choices.

  • Signature Plus Program lasting 5 years for getting on track and staying that way using long term weight management strategies overseen by your Jenny Craig Consultant.

With lots of additional incentives that include dieting convenience, portion and kilojoule controlled meals, and more than 65 delicious menu choices, Jenny Craig is a wedding weight-loss plan assistant worth serious consideration.

Jenny Craig weight loss meal plans are the long-term strategy for locking in consistent weight loss without undue hunger or stress.

Is weight loss wedding success really possible?

As a world leader in the weight loss industry, the Jenny Craig reputation stands on the weight loss success of clients. It’s encouraging to know that many thousands of women and men have achieved wedding weight loss success with Jenny Craig, and there are a few simple reasons why the programs really work.

Firstly, your Jenny Craig Consultant will provide enlightening and encouraging suggestions and advice, according to your hopes and expectations. We also take your physical statistics into consideration, including weight, height, age, health and activities. From here, we work with you to devise a portion and kilojoule controlled meals plan, where you make all the menu choices. Pick up and home delivery options make meal preparation a breeze, and enjoying the delicious and satisfying results will come naturally. In addition, your Jenny Craig Consultant remains on hand to offer advice and encouragement for the duration of the weight loss program.


(Enjoy the Beef Pie for lunch from the Jenny Craig menu, pictured above. See the full menu here)

How long does wedding weight loss take?

Although Jenny Craig has set programs for dedicated weight loss, there are variables within the programs to satisfy every weight loss ambition. Even the 12-week ‘Starter Program’ provides remarkable results that can transform wedding fears into a wedding fantasy to be remembered for life. Jenny Craig weight loss programs encourage individual choices that satisfy all weight loss needs without sacrificing family harmony, especially with the wedding day approaching and a lot to do.

Our programs don’t focus on drastic weight loss measures that are unsustainable, not scientifically proven and not nutritionally balanced. We encourage healthy eating choices that include old favourites and exotic cuisines packed with a balance of nutrients, vitamins and minerals for healthy weight loss results. Weight loss results are also naturally affected by individual constitution and the capacity to assimilate and process food for greatest advantage. Jenny Craig encourages a holistic approach that includes food, the body and the mind to achieve synergy even while undergoing a weight loss wedding diet.

What other Jenny Craig advantages are there?

While alternative and fad diets focus on restricting food, Jenny Craig celebrates healthy eating for ongoing vitality and wellbeing. Anyone can appreciate the effulgent complexion and healthy skin of a person who eats the right foods, and with a correct nutritional balance and personalised menu choices the same goals can be achieved by all Jenny Craig clients. We don’t condemn favourite foods, but instead encourage mindful eating that can include the occasional diversion for special occasions and celebrations. In addition, your own Jenny Craig Consultant is on hand to guide meal and menu choices and get you back on track when things don’t go as planned.

Every bride looks beautiful on her wedding, but they also want to feel attractive inside and outside; a goal that is easily achieved with Jenny Craig assistance. Weight loss wedding ambitions are nothing new for women or men, and reaching goals is as easy as joining the Jenny Craig success story shared by women and men the world over. Commencing a Jenny Craig weight loss program is easy, while appreciating the perfect honeymoon with newfound energy and vitality is the start of a whole new life.

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