The Foods That Can Help You Lose Weight Before Your Wedding Day!

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What food do you eat to lose weight for your upcoming wedding?

A wedding is one of the most significant days of anyone’s life. All eyes are on the bride and groom, and there is so much to consider for a wedding to go exactly as planned. From venues to dresses, ceremony and food, everything needs to be perfect, and it’s only fair that the bride and groom are the real stars of the show. Wedding planning commences many months before the big day, providing an opportunity to focus not only on the ceremony, but also on yourself.

Looking and feeling good is important, making a wedding diet food plan another part of the process. At Jenny Craig, we offer wedding food plans that will help you lose weight so you can look and feel exactly how you want right on time for your wedding.


^Individual results may vary. (See how Leesa lost 33kg here)

What food should you eat to lose weight before your wedding?

Although there are a lot of fad, superfood and fasting plans out there, the best meal plans are those that involve portion and calorie control. Any professional dietitian will recommend foods that are nutritionally enriched, satisfying and tasty for best results. At Jenny Craig, we work with highly qualified dietitians and nutritionists to ensure our meals are healthy, sustaining and delicious. The last thing you need during stressful times is more stress, so at Jenny Craig you get to choose exactly what you want to eat from more than 65 delicious menu offerings for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Examples of our local and international menus include:

Breakfast: Cranberry & Vanilla Muesli; Wholemeal Pancakes; Café-style Banana Bread; Date & Maple Porridge.

Lunch: BBQ Pulled Pork Toastie; Creamy Vegetable Pappardelle; Cheesy Pesto Pasta; Vegetable Lasagne.

Dinner: Chicken Parmigiana; Roasted Vegetable Pizza; Mexican-style Slow Cooked Pork; Crumbed Fish & Wedges.

Snacks: Chocolate Pudding; Butterscotch Sundae; Cheesy Popcorn; Sticky Date Pudding; Apple Crumble.

Jenny Craig weight loss programs are ideal for post pregnancy weight loss, where steady, incremental reduction is supported by kilojoule controlled, convenient and pre-prepared meals, along with knowledgeable support whenever required.

What foods should you avoid before your wedding?

As Jenny Craig programs focus on portion and calorie control, you don’t require stringent dieting fanaticism to achieve successful results. In fact, with so many delicious menu choices on offer, there is every chance your culinary choices can expand while your waistline diminishes. The menu choices are all yours, with all meals prepared by professional chefs and packaged just for you. Weekly meals can be picked up or home delivered for added convenience, and with 104 Jenny Craig Centres around Australia and New Zealand, there is sure to be a Centre near you. We make dieting enjoyable rather than torture, and you will appreciate the results every time you step on the bathroom scales.


(Start your day with Cranberry & Vanilla Muesli, pictured above. See the full menu here)

What foods can help you lose weight quickly?

There are a lot of well-known weight loss foods available such as oats and apples. Superfoods are all the rage, and there is no shortage of advice from self-proclaimed diet experts. Your family and friends may also get in on the act with their own version of sage advice meant to assist. Unfortunately, information overload often leads to confusion, dispute and an emotional roller coaster that can jeopardise dieting. Jenny Craig understands all of the above and incorporates all the best weight loss foods and superfoods in your diet plan. We even make allowance for celebrating special occasions and the occasional diversion to your favourite restaurant.

Losing weight quickly is certainly possible, but when weight has been gained over the course of years it’s best to apply weight loss measures that steadily reverse the process. Drastic weight loss usually leads to a fragile emotional state not conducive to keeping weight off in the long run, but with Jenny Craig you will automatically lose weight almost without having to spare it a second thought.

What foods will help me maintain my weight-loss after my wedding?

Jenny Craig meals incorporate low fat alternatives for tasty meal choices. We model three key factors for healthy eating: balance, variety and moderation. With these principles in mind, your weight loss program is sustainable for your wedding, your honeymoon, and beyond. Jenny Craig menus are: 

  • Developed using the latest National Dietary Guidelines for Australia and New Zealand

  • Nutritionally balanced in terms of carbohydrates, protein and good fats

  • Low in saturated fat and high in fibre

  • Chosen to meet your weight loss goals using precise kilojoule levels

  • Ready-made meals for maximum weight loss dining convenience

  • The support of the entire Jenny Craig family of successful weight loss clients

Jenny Craig has successfully transformed thousands of customers using perfect weight loss wedding food. Our methods are empowering, enabling you to stick to your diet with healthy and tasty meals. We remain your support crew all the way and provide the inspiration you need for maintaining weight loss for your wedding success and happily ever after.

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