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How to get motivated to lose weight before your wedding?

There’s nothing like a wedding to get women and men motivated for weight loss. All eyes are on the bride and groom on the big day, while photographers and videographers catch every moment from all angles. The event is the culmination of months and even years of planning and everything needs to be just right. Catering to the needs of family and guests is a big deal, but the bride and groom are the main event, making Jenny Craig weight loss wedding motivation an important step to ensure everything is perfect.


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How do I find motivation to lose weight for my wedding?

It’s worth knowing that you are not alone in your quest to lose weight for your wedding. The ceremony is an integral feature of all cultures, and despite societal change weddings remain a significant milestone for almost everyone. The build up to a wedding can become incredibly busy, involving countless considerations and a lot of pressure, but neglecting your own needs is out of the question. Seen in a positive light, your upcoming wedding can provide the framework and timeline for successful weight loss, and employing the assistance of weight loss experts is the best way to enhance the experience.

Success in any endeavour involves learning from professionals and following in the footsteps of those who have gone before you. As a weight loss industry leader since foundation in 1983, Jenny Craig is ideally situated to guide you through the process and inspire you to succeed. Your desire to lose weight is the first step and motivation becomes reality when following a Jenny Craig diet and weight loss wedding plan. We offer a comprehensive consultation, taking your age, height, weight, gender, ethnicity, health, physical activities and personal aspirations into account for tailored weight loss.

What are some ways to stay motivated while losing weight?

If you have the desire to lose weight and look great on your wedding day, Jenny Craig will look after the details. Your own personal Jenny Craig Consultant is with you every step of the way until you walk down the aisle, and your tailored weight loss program is overseen by highly experienced dietitians and nutritionists. Best of all, Jenny Craig meals are portion and calorie controlled, prepared by professional chefs and full of nutritionally enhanced goodness for extremely satisfying results.

It’s well known that stress leads to fluctuating emotions and wavering confidence during weight loss, so we remove stress by introducing dieters to our fabulous menu selections for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. With a Jenny Craig diet plan you can continue work and home life as normal without irritability or hunger cravings. You get to choose what you want to eat from more than 65 delicious menu offerings, including:

Breakfast: Cranberry & Vanilla Muesli; Wholemeal Pancakes; Café-style Banana Bread; Date & Maple Porridge.

Lunch: BBQ Pulled Pork Toastie; Creamy Vegetable Pappardelle; Cheesy Pesto Pasta; Vegetable Lasagne.

Dinner: Chicken Parmigiana; Roasted Vegetable Pizza; Mexican-style Slow Cooked Pork; Crumbed Fish & Wedges.

Snacks: Chocolate Pudding; Butterscotch Sundae; Cheesy Popcorn; Sticky Date Pudding; Apple Crumble.

Your own personal Jenny Craig Consultant is with you every step of the way until you walk down the aisle, and your tailored weight loss program is overseen by highly experienced dietitians and nutritionists.

When should I start a wedding weight-loss diet?

Jenny Craig weight loss programs are tailored for your individual aspirations, with your personal weight loss plan designed for you to reach target weight on time for your wedding. However, genuine weight loss shouldn’t be seen as a quick fix or temporary measure. Radical fasting and fad diets inevitably lead to a ‘bounce back’ of unwanted weight, as the body and metabolism hasn’t had time to adjust to the new paradigm. Real diet programs are designed for losing weight and keeping it off in the long-term.

It’s advisable to commence your Jenny Craig weight loss journey several months before the wedding, so make sure to plan ahead to drop a dress size or two for your fitting. With our meals plans you will lose between half a kilo and one kilo every week, making weight loss a progressive and exciting adventure instead of a torturous and withering transformation for the worse. Our programs are easily accessed, simple to follow, and designed for convenience, so you can focus on your wedding with confidence.


(Cocoa Clusters are a delicious breakfast option from the Jenny Craig menu, pictured above. See the full menu here)

How can Jenny Craig help motivate me to lose weight?

With Jenny Craig, all necessary motivation is built in to your weight loss program. We remove stress by personalised guidance to ensure you make the right choices and offer inspiration for both physical and emotional transformation for everyone to appreciate. We don’t just help you lose weight, we also help you gain self-assured confidence that comes with healthy, glowing skin and toned muscle. Jenny Craig motivation includes:

  • A healthy relationship with food including mindful eating and portion control

  • An active lifestyle with planned and playful activities plus personalised exercise

  • A balanced approach that produces a positive mindset for behavioural change

With 104 Jenny Craig Centres across Australia and New Zealand, there is bound to be one near you. Give us a call, contact us online, or drop in to your nearest Jenny Craig Centre and get your wedding weight loss journey started today.

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