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Jenny Craig Weight Loss Wedding Plan

It takes commitment and teamwork to organise a successful wedding. There are endless details to consider and challenges are sure to arise, with pressure mounting as the big day draws near. Remaining on top of timelines is essential for goals to be reached, including personal transformation courtesy of a Jenny Craig weight loss wedding plan. Catering to the needs and whims of wedding guests is important, but you are the centre of attention, and making sure you enjoy the big day is most important of all.


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What plans can help me lose weight for my wedding?

Your Jenny Craig weight loss plan can be of short or long duration, but the sooner you start, the better. Realistic weight loss of between half a kilogram and one kilogram per week will enable you to keep on top of wedding planning without experiencing depleted energy levels, anxiety, irritability or hunger cravings. Every aspect of the wedding plan should be exciting and inspiring, and with the additional satisfaction of successful weight loss, all eyes will be on you on your wedding day.

We avoid drastic fasting, fad diets and pills that can be harmful to health and wellbeing. Our weight loss programs are tailored specially for you, taking your age, weight, height, health, physical activities, bone-structure, ethnicity and more into consideration. Jenny Craig has been providing personalised weight loss guidance since 1983, with your program supported by the successful results of thousands of satisfied customers. Your weight loss plan is easy to commence and maintain, providing results to be proud of.

Step one: Organise a personal weight loss assessment with your Jenny Craig Consultant. With 104 Jenny Craig Centres across Australia and New Zealand there is bound to be a Centre near you. Allow us to work with you in creation of a menu plan and weight loss strategy.

Step two: Enjoy 4 delicious meals per day, home delivered or picked-up. Our ready-made meals are prepared exactingly for your needs, taking portion and calorie control into consideration and packed with nutritional goodness. The choices from more than 65 menu items are all yours, with new meal options continually added to the selections.

Step three: Remain in touch with you Jenny Craig Consultant with weekly catch-ups for advice and inspiration. We help you overcome challenges, celebrate achievements and develop the skill set required for self-managed meal preparation and exercise once your target weight is reached.

Your Jenny Craig weight loss plan can be of short or long duration, but the sooner you start, the better

How much could I lose on a wedding weight-loss plan?

The choices are all yours at Jenny Craig. We want you to look and feel your best according to your aspirations. We are your support crew, helping you to keep motivated and even making allowance for the occasional night out at your favourite restaurant. Realistic weight loss of around one kilogram per week adds up fast, resulting in weight loss of between 10-14kg over three months. The transformation will be impossible to miss by wedding day family and guests.


(Chicken Pad Thai is a delicious dinner option on the Jenny Craig menu, pictured above. See the full menu here)

What can I eat on a wedding weight-loss plan?

This is where Jenny Craig weight loss wedding plans stand out from other dieting methods. We don’t deny you the foods you love; instead preparing the same favourites in new and delicious ways tailored for weight loss. The menu choices are all yours, in consultation with highly qualified dietitians and nutritionists and prepared by professional chefs. We don’t subscribe to single-food and ‘superfood’ fads as all our ingredients become superfoods infused with nutritional goodness when personally prepared just for you. Skipping meals is a weight loss recipe for disaster, so we make sure you are satisfied with 4 meals per day for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

Our comprehensive menus introduce dieters to the best local and international cuisines, future-proofing you from ‘bounce-back’ to weight gain once your Jenny Craig program is complete. Most importantly, taste isn’t sacrificed and with so many delicious options to choose from, there is every chance that family members or even the entire bridal party will want to take advantage of Jenny Craig convenience.

How long before my wedding should I start a weight loss plan?

Most people commencing a weight loss plan have tried and failed more than once using ineffective dieting methods. Failure is usually due to genuine weight loss expectations that aren’t supported by an appropriate dieting framework. If this sounds like your situation, you will understand the need for several months of dedication leading up to your wedding day. With adequate planning, time will become your friend instead of adversary as you appreciate your slimmer appearance, glowing skin and positive outlook. Your wedding really can be the best day of your life and when supported by Jenny Craig, the outlook is beautiful.

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