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Jenny Craig Weight Loss – Wedding Program

It takes a lot of effort, assistance and teamwork to pull off an extravagant wedding. The details are endless, and becoming a little overwhelmed with pressure is expected at times. However, if timelines are neglected, important considerations such as wedding weight loss goals won’t be reached. It’s understandable that women and men want to look their best on such a big day, so there’s no shame in employing the assistance of Jenny Craig weight loss experts to make sure targets are reached for everyone to admire and appreciate. Weight loss is all about you, but an improved you will also be reflected in the happiness of friends and family on your wedding day.

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What is a tailored wedding weight loss program?

People want to lose weight for unlimited reasons, although looking good on your wedding day is often near the top of the list. Wanting and doing are two different things of course, but if the desire to lose weight and look good is strong enough, it will lead to seeking out expert guidance. There is a lot of amateur, unhelpful weight loss advice online and elsewhere, so choosing a weight loss program that is supported by positive reviews and long-term recognition is important. All Jenny Craig weight loss programs are tailored according to a personalised plan, with considerations that include:

  • A comprehensive meal plan consultation with your own Jenny Craig Consultant

  • Portion and kilojoule control according to weight, height, age and other considerations

  • Weight loss program durations for meeting personal targets and timelines

  •  More than 65 menu options for enjoying every meal, including snacks

  • Weight loss meals home-delivered or picked up for convenient, conscientious weight-loss

  • Exercise and lifestyle guidance and support for planning to be physically active while losing weight

Weight loss is all about you, but an improved you will also be reflected in the happiness of friends and family on your wedding day.

Are there helpful weight loss wedding tips?

The Jenny Craig service has evolved along with changing lifestyles and dieting expectations. The menu choices are continually refined, with new selections regularly introduced to add variety and taste preferences. Some things remain unchanged however, as key components of successful weight loss programs are universally beneficial. Surprising to some, Jenny Craig weight loss tips aren’t about self-sacrifice at all, but rather about a change in attitude that empowers weight loss clients to reach targets without unwanted stress. Essential Jenny Craig weight loss wedding tips include:

  • A healthy relationship with food involving mindful eating, portion control and ready-made meals with a balance of nutrients such as carbohydrates, lean protein and healthy fat sources.

  • An active lifestyle with planned and spontaneous exercise and activities, supported by weight loss products, expert guidance, and healthy choices.

  • A balanced approach to living that naturally encourages steady change and improvement while reaching weight loss goals, with room for the occasional diversion to celebrate special occasions with family or friends


(Have a Mexican feast with Chilli Con Carne from the Jenny Craig menu, pictured above. See the full menu here)

How will my Jenny Craig Consultant assist with wedding weight loss?

A huge advantage with Jenny Craig weight loss programs is the incredible support team on your side. Expert advice and assistance is essential to succeed in most important undertakings, and planning a weight loss wedding program is no exception. Jenny Craig Consultants get to know you as a person, establish your weight loss goals, investigate any concerns, and assist in establishment of a meals plan that perfectly satisfies weight loss target expectations. Your personal Jenny Craig Consultant is a constant point of contact during the entire weight loss journey, providing the knowledge and solutions required to overcome obstacles and achieve ultimate weight loss success.

How can I maintain weight loss after the wedding?

Shedding weight is one thing, but keeping it off is an entirely different challenge. That’s why all our weight loss plans are tailored for every individual need, including holistic lifestyle choices moving forward. Jenny Craig understands the busy obligations people have in this fast-moving world, and pressure intensifies while preparing for the perfect wedding. However, with advance planning and a dedicated support team the wedding weight loss program will add to the excitement rather than creating an additional burden.

Once the wedding is over, the cake has been enjoyed, and the confetti has settled, it will be time to take stock of weight loss success. Obviously, the weight loss program doesn’t need to end with the honeymoon, and taking a little time out to enjoy the start of a new life together is also highly recommended. With Jenny Craig, the weight loss program is coupled with knowledge, skills, and resources for ongoing encouragement, lifestyle improvements, and weight loss success. Jenny Craig transforms dieting skills into life-skills for meal preparation and dining pleasure that the whole family will enjoy and appreciate.

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