Amazing Tips To Achieve Your Goal Weight On Your Wedding Day!

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Jenny Craig Weight Loss Wedding Tips

There’s nothing like a wedding to motivate brides to drop a dress size or two. Weddings are a time to shine among friends and family, and the fabulous event can take serious cash to achieve fairytale results. A huge amount of time and money is invested in the venue, dress, meal, accommodations, photos and more. With so much going on in preparation, it’s easy to overlook personal goals for the big day, including the commitment to lose weight and look your best.

Weight loss wedding tips provide inspiration, but the real dedication required to lose weight is easier with a team on your side. Jenny Craig diet plans provide the framework for your weight loss wedding tips to take form, resulting in a slimmer, effulgent version of yourself and a perfect start to happily ever after.


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What are the top tips for losing weight before your wedding?

Unlike some weight loss endeavours, the wedding date acts as a deadline. Planning ahead is the best step for avoiding unwanted stress and unreliability associated with drastic weight loss methods. Quick fixes such as diet pills, fasting and extreme exercise are unsustainable and don’t deliver long-term results. The wedding itself isn’t the end of the story either, and weight gain associated with ‘wedded bliss’ can be avoided by making smart choices and sensible changes prior to tying the knot.  Here are some useful weight loss wedding tips.

Track your food: Calories are both friend and foe during dieting. You need enough calories to maintain health and energy levels while steadily losing weight. Calorie counting is a method recommended by dieticians and nutritionists. At Jenny Craig, your personalised meal plan is calorie and portion controlled for incremental weight loss without unwanted hunger cravings.

Eat regular, healthy meals: Skipping meals is a recipe for disaster during dieting. Prospective brides and grooms have much to do, with little willpower left over for enduring detrimental physical and psychological responses of a body crying out for nourishment. Your Jenny Craig meal plans include menu choices from more than 65 delicious offerings for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, all tailored exclusively for you.

Commence a fitness program: The right food and appropriate exercise exist in balanced harmony with Jenny Craig weight loss. Your personal Jenny Craig Consultant will guide and inspire you with small changes that can make a big difference when dropping dress sizes. Weight loss doesn’t exist in isolation, and thousands of successful Jenny Craig wedding weight loss customers are proof that the method really works.

Get the right support: Everyone needs encouragement, advice and inspiration during weight loss. Family and friends should help, but they can also create obstacles by not taking you seriously, placing temptations in front of you, or by negativity. Jenny Craig customers don’t suffer this fate. We have been successfully delivering weight loss programs since 1983 with the input of professional dietitians, nutritionists and professional chefs who are all on your side.

What tips can help you lose weight quickly for your wedding?

The wedding date can sneak up fast, leaving you flustered, anxious, excited and extremely busy. If the big day is some time off, there is still a chance for impressive weight loss. Your Jenny Craig consultation will deliver you with a realistic appraisal of the situation and point you in the right direction. Your Consultant takes age, weight, height, BMI, general health, physical activities and more into consideration while tailoring your weight loss program. Here are a few tips that are sure to work for fast and safe weight loss.

  • Get enough sleep so you don’t experience increased cravings and poor choices

  • Failure is the pillar of success, so don’t give up after dieting setbacks

  • Avoid fads and gimmicks that lighten your purse instead of your body

  • Maintain an active lifestyle while eating nutritionally enriched meals

  • Manage stress by allowing Jenny Craig experts to take care of the dieting details

  • Limit alcohol intake to only one or two drinks per day

Jenny Craig diet plans provide the framework for your weight loss wedding tips to take form, resulting in a slimmer, effulgent version of yourself and a perfect start to happily ever after.

What exercises should you do to help with pre-wedding weight-loss?

Exercising should also take on a personalised style for wedding weight loss. Everyone is built differently, and for people averse to strenuous exercise, the thought of extreme physical exertion doesn’t even enter the frame. At Jenny Craig, we incorporate exercise with weight loss to remove fat and replace it with firm, toned muscle. The Jenny Craig service includes:

  • A healthy relationship with food including portion control and mindful eating

  • An active lifestyle with planned and spontaneous physical activities and exercise

  • A balanced approach for developing a positive mindset and achieving your goals

Your Jenny Craig Consultant will outline an exercise program that perfectly complements your personalised meal plan for optimum results.


(Enjoy a classic Chicken Parmigiana from the Jenny Craig menu, pictured above. See the full menu here)

What shouldn’t you do when trying to lose weight for your wedding?

You are bound to be advised by well-wishers during your weight loss journey. Although inspiration and encouragement is always welcome, the diet itself should follow guidelines delivered by genuine weight loss experts. Here are a few things you shouldn’t do when trying to lose weight for your wedding. 

  • Don’t rely on ambiguous shakes and juices laced with sugar and fattening ingredients

  • Don’t undertake a detox without consultation from a qualified dietitian or nutritionist

  • Avoid extreme fasting that results in depleted energy levels and weight ‘bounce-back’

  • Avoid one-food ‘superfood’ diets that don’t provide dieting nutrition

  • Avoid the advice of self-proclaimed experts and charlatan ‘medical professionals’

At Jenny Craig, our success is in assisting you with your transformation, so we oversee every stage of your weight loss journey and share the joy of your wedding day with you.

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