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Jenny Craig Weight Loss for Women

While some women are able to slim down seemingly at will, and others hardly ever put on extra kilos no matter what they do, many struggle with weight issues at some point in their life. However, prioritising your health and well-being will help ensure you enjoy good health for longer and all you achieve in your lifetime. A weight loss journey can take time and starts with the first step before building momentum, so knowing what your goal is and how to get there is half the battle won. If weight gain is slowing you down, affecting you emotionally, or stopping you achieving life-goals, it’s probably time to consider the Jenny Craig weight loss program for women.


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What are some weight loss tips for women?

There are literally hundreds of useful weight loss tips for women, although some are optional and others essential. Success in any endeavour is possible with commitment, determination and perseverance, making them good weight loss tips, or at least ideals, but without expert guidance there is every chance of committing to a worthless fad diet or unreliable life coach. Genuine experts are here for the long haul, providing results that are replicated time and time again, resulting in Jenny Craig being widely acknowledged as the world’s leading weight loss expert.

Here are some more tips for inspirational weight loss:

  • Eat regular portion-controlled meals to help limit poor diet choices, such as discretionary foods

  • Balanced meal plan under the guidance of weight loss industry experts

  • Maintain steady weight loss of approximately no more than 1 kilo per week

  • Commence a physical activity plan appropriate for you

  • Improve lifestyle and eating habits for the better

  • Eat foods that reflect current research and government dietary guidelines

  • Follow a tailored meal plan with own grocery items

Are there special weight loss meal plans for women?

At Jenny Craig, we treat you as an individual whether you are a woman, man or adolescent. However, women have different physical makeup to men, and often lead different lifestyles requiring personalised weight loss guidance. For example, women still make up the vast majority of homemakers, with duties that include meal preparation for the rest of the family. A Jenny Craig healthy meals plan includes transitioning from portion and kilojoule controlled foods and structured meal plans to the maintenance program that provides individual guidance on transitioning to your own foods.

With so much time spent in the kitchen it’s easy to slip-up on diet commitment from time to time. Don’t be too hard on yourself, as your personal Jenny Craig Consultant is always available to help you get your weight loss program back on track. With more than 65 delicious menu items to choose from for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and desserts, your Jenny Craig weight loss program for women is so much easier than following fad diets, fasting, or guesswork. Here are a few more ideas for transformative cooking that will benefit the entire family.

  • Watch food portions instead of eliminating entire food groups

  • Eat a healthy breakfast for sustained energy and less likelihood of snacking on discretionary foods

  • Enjoy lean protein sources which provide essential nutrients and assist with satiety

  • Eat mindfully to establish a healthy relationship with food

  • Save special treats for celebratory occasions and the occasional dining-out experience

  • Prepare meals at home and limit take-away foods whenever possible

  • Eat in a relaxed, convivial mood with family and friends

  • Minimise stress and enjoy dinner without distractions like television

A weight loss journey can take time and starts with the first step before building momentum, so knowing what your goal is and how to get there is half the battle won.

How do I start an effective weight loss program for women?

Although the desire to lose weight and look good is admirable, struggling alone is beset with challenges that are best avoided. Jenny Craig has helped countless women lose weight since the company was founded in 1983, with our reputation being built on the success of our clients, and joining Jenny Craig is like becoming part of a health-conscious family. We provide convenient meal options while overseeing your journey until you reach target weight and beyond. Weight loss for women is achieved in a few simple steps with Jenny Craig.

Step One: Meet your Jenny Craig Consultant in person at your local centre, or give us a call from wherever you are. Ask questions, determine weight loss targets and remove doubts.

Step Two: Create your personalised weight loss strategy using determining factors that include weight, height, age, physical activity and overall health.

Step Three: Together with you Consultant, design a personalised program and menu plan with perfectly portioned and kilojoule controlled meals. Choose from any of our 65 menu items, which are chef-inspired and specially designed and approved by Accredited Practising Dietitians.

Step Four: Schedule your weekly Consultant meetings and arrange to have meals home-delivered or picked up from your local centre.


(Treat yourself to an icecream sundae from the Jenny Craig menu, pictured above. See the full menu here)

Staying on track until you reach target weight is easy when your entire weight loss plan is overseen by Jenny Craig. Your small investment in time and money will be amply rewarded with life-changing weight loss, increased vitality, greater self-awareness, improved body image, improved relationships, and the compliments of family and friends impressed with your all-over transformation.

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