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Jenny Craig Weight Loss – Women’s program

It’s no secret that most women want to improve their appearance. The transition from youth to adulthood introduces lots of unexpected changes, while pregnancy and motherhood further complicates matters. It’s natural to put loved ones first, but sooner or later a time will come to put yourself first. While some women sail through life unimpeded, others find that the years have not been so kind, and measures need to be taken to level the playing field. If you feel it’s time to reverse the signs of aging, a Jenny Craig weight loss program for women is a transformative experience worth serious consideration.


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What are the best weight loss programs for women?

For some women, weight gain creeps up unexpectedly, catching you by surprise one day when you look in the mirror. For others, weight gain is self-inflicted, caused by a sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, or too much of the good life. Whatever the reason for unwanted weight gain, a Jenny Craig diet plan can be tailored to suit your needs without disrupting regular activities.

The results you aspire for become our goal also, and with a reputation built on the success of our clients, we are determined to help you stay on track to recapture a more sculpted appearance that’s just right for you. Commencing a Jenny Craig weight loss program is probably even easier than you realise and is achieved in a few simple steps.

Step One: Make a no-obligation appointment with an experienced Jenny Craig Consultant. You can visit us in-house at any of our 104 Jenny Craig Centres across Australia and New Zealand, or call over the phone from wherever you are. Jenny Craig Consultants are caring, compassionate professionals who will listen to your concerns, answer any questions, provide enlightening information and offer inspirational advice.

Step Two: Establish a personalised weight loss strategy just right for you. Our weight loss programs are flexible, taking personal goals and weight loss targets into consideration, while also ensuring a tailored approach according to your weight, height, age, activities and health status.

Step Three: This is a fun part. You get to choose from 65 menu items that are portion and calorie controlled. Our meals are designed by professional nutritionists and prepared by qualified chefs. The meals are vitamin and protein enriched to provide sustained energy, greater absorption, and long-lasting satisfaction. Meals include delicious Asian, Mediterranean, and good old-fashioned Western dishes for enhanced culinary appreciation.

Step Four: Check in weekly with your Consultant for a progress report. You can alter your menu plan and organise to have meals delivered or ready for collection from your nearest Jenny Craig Centre.

What are weight loss exercise programs for women?

Although an increasing number of women are undertaking heavy exercise routines for bodybuilding for developing powerful muscles, the majority prefer a softer, sculpted and defined appearance that doesn’t sacrifice femininity. Jenny Craig weight loss programs are ideal for women of all ages who want to lose fat, improve muscle tone and re-establish vital energy suitable for enjoying celebrations and coping with tribulations. Exercise is an essential component of healthy weight loss, with variations suitable for everyone, regardless of size or weight. Exercise is progressive, with increased levels performed as weight goes down and muscles build up. If your treadmill and exercycle have been gathering dust for years it’s best to start with simple exercises that can include:

  • A walk outside in the garden or park with deep breathing to enjoy fresh air

  • Moving, swaying or dancing in time to your favourite music

  • Gardening and housework that encourages bending and stretching

  • Walking to the bus stop or train station instead of taking the car

  • Basic squats, push-ups and lunges that build strength without damaging joints

If you feel it’s time to reverse the signs of aging, a Jenny Craig weight loss program for women is a transformative experience worth serious consideration.

Are rapid weight loss programs for women any good?

At Jenny Craig, we recommend steady weight loss of around half a kilo to one kilo per week. Weight that has built up for years should be reduced with careful consideration to avoid unwanted setbacks. There is far greater likelihood of keeping weight off with a tailored Jenny Craig weight loss women’s program instead of an untested transient fad diet, radical fasting, or following the advice of know-nothing busy-bodies. Appropriate dieting gives your body time to adjust during every phase of the program, without the ‘bounce-back’ of weight associated with rapid weight loss.


(Dine in with the Oriental Beef Stir Fry from the Jenny Craig menu, pictured above. See the full menu here)

Are there weight loss programs for women over 50?

Jenny Craig has been a leader in the weight loss industry for decades, and our techniques have been refined using progressive medical science and technology. We replace dieting guesswork and speculation with a tailored approach for women of all ages. Our core principles involve intelligent application of weight loss secrets that are ideal for women over 50, including:

  • Establishing a healthy relationship with food, including mindful eating habits

  • A balanced approach to dieting and a tailored eating and exercise plan just for you

  • Exercise advice and instruction to ensure you are maximising weight loss potential

  • Menu choices that break bad eating habits without breaking the bank

  • Jenny Craig Consultant advice for guidance and inspiration moving forward

  • The transition from ready-made meals to self-sufficient cooking and meal preparation

At Jenny Craig, we don’t leave weight loss up to chance. Our methods are tried and tested, vouchsafed by satisfied clients the world over and recommended by the best medical experts. We are the weight loss company you can trust, providing you with peace of mind, less food cravings, the opportunity for the occasional splurge, and a big bright smile every time you look in the mirror.

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